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Melissa from Newton, KS
Newton, KS
Crime, yes.....it does exist here Whether it be a situation in which does not get reported because the victim is scared of the outcome depending on the severity of the crime itself, yes crime lives here. I read the local newspaper, I see the burglaries that have been reported, the domestic violence/batteries that probably only ended up in the paper because a neighbor (God bless those of you that care about your neighbors)called the authorities because they are tired of hearing the cries of the woman next door being mistreated by the man she once loved but now fears & is afraid of what he may do if she herself called or decided she has had enough and leaves. There are many secrets, skeletons in the closet of this little farm town we call Newton and yet it seems that little is done to help those who live here that really need it. I have seen numerous people charged with things that they really didn't do or even have the slightest involvement. Cases such as these provide a means for the courts & law enforcement to railroad innocent people because the people that are really involved are so good in covering their tracks, telling lies or worked a deal with the DA in order to save their own hide & keep themselves from being behind bars or being stuck on some form of probation, house arrest and paying the never ending trail of fines that support their drug habits or what ever have you. With that being said that leads me into the next topic....drugs, hmmm....the drug problem in this town is so big I don't even think anyone has a clue!!! I have lived in this town long enough & have obtained the knowledge of many things, some of which I wish I didn't even know but I guess that's the beauty of the concept we all know as "I heard it through the grapevine"....the grapevine can be your best friend or your worst enemy. Just be careful of how you so chose to involve yourself in that tangled mess is all I have to say. Being a victim of the so called system that is suppose to protect the innocent, help those in need....I don't think so! I speak from experience when it comes to being one of the many who have been kicked, knocked down and abused by the system that exists in this town we call Newton. A corrupt little town indeed filled with residents who lie, cheat and steal from those who work hard to maintain their lives and try their best only to be knocked down time & again by the very law that tries to live by "To Serve & Protect"....REALLY?? Before I end this tidbit of my minds eye, I have only one question... Who is it that is really being served and protected at the expense of innocent victims?

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