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Susanna from Cherry Creek, CO
Cherry Creek, CO
If you like phony people, move to Denver! I have lived here 20 years and overall the only best thing I can say about it is the weather is fairly decent. The people however, ha! Another story! The entire metro area is disjointed, and there is little, if any, sense of community. Californians are moving here in DROVES, buying up $600k homes CASH driving up real estate so many can no longer afford a home. They also bring their RUDENESS! There is a LOT of "keeping up with the Joneses" and a lot of stuck up pretentious people. Or maybe they are just socially retarded. Lol. I haven't figured that out yet. People are obsessed with their HOUSES!! House House House is all they seem to care about! They keep moving from one area to another, one ugly subdivision to another to get a BIGGER house... and are never happy!!! I have been trying to meet less MATERIALISTIC people but I have to admit it's tough!! My best friends live in other areas of the country and are not so pretentious or try to "impress people." There are mass shootings here that should scare anyone !! but nothing is done! Columbine, the Aurora theater shooting,.several others. Terrible dangerous drivers! Don't know what's up with this city but I don't plan on retiring here. It's just a BAD KARMA city. Nasty comments from overly sensitive natives not solicited!

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