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Charles from Willet, NY
Willet, NY
Cortland County, New York The area is beautiful, especially the Seven Valleys area where I bought a farm some years ago, just south of Cortland. It is a larger 130 acre farm where I hope to develop biofuels. After rebuilding it, my two story house is very nice and the property is absolutely breathtaking with hill top views. Plenty of water, trees, and during the winter, plenty of snow.I just love it! I had to move back to my out of state home to take a job until the biofuels market develops. Persons with master's degrees are working at Staples. However, I do like the fact that the area still seems stable and is holding its own. Cornell University is only 30 miles west from my farm which is very supportive for new ideas like alternative energy sources. Taxes are high so I'm anxious to plant something/anything to get an agricultural tax break. For the most part, I like the people there, regular conservative types, but there are a few wing nut cases out there. I will never understand a confederate flag in front of a house on the route of the Underground Rail Road. Those attitudes bring down the community, missed opportunities. Some good folks seeing that might not move in or invest or patronize, self-defeating. We have enough hate in the world. Look at Mississippi and Alabama, on the bottom. This is New York state. We got rid of that ungodly system long before the south got its butt kicked by President Lincoln. But I suppose those backward attitudes can happen anywhere by one or two. Nonetheless, I am a booster and within the year expect to move back into my farmhouse permanently.

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