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Mike from Santee, CA
Santee, CA
Used to be nice I've lived here fo 40 years. It used to have a small town feel. We were proud we werent like LA. Not any more. I dont know who estimated the commute times but my 15 mile commute from Santee to La jolla takes a 1 hr each way. The wonderful developers that have taken every square empty inch of san diego and built multi unit complexes didnt care if the freeways cant handle the increase. But that wont stop caltrans from starting another project to add another lane to get more work for them. If they would of done it right in the first place, things would be alot nicer. Its never finished, as soon as a expansion is done on the freeway, its already obsolete. This is a perfect example of the ineffectiveness of the state government. Go to sigalert san diego any afternoon and look at all the red freeways. Your parked. Road rage is common and now you get to deal with legalized pot drivers in addition to the texters sharing the road with you. Apparently the laws dont apply to them.The housing costs are prohitive to all but the upper class or you bought way back. The wages are good here but lots of competition. Go to La Jolla and you'll swear your in India. Lots of H1 visas walking around and they will take your job and the hitech companies hire lots of them. To those that made fun of east county Santee/Elcajon/Lakeside. Sure there are some characters, but for the most part, the most real neighborly people that live here. Lots of military live here. Its Its nice having the mountains an hour away and the beachs but the conjestion, stupid state laws that are being passed by Gov Browneye, the new sanctuary city status of calif means more crime because of illegals, your paying for their medical because they arent and they want to keep raising taxes to pay for all this. Your taxes. I'm sad that I need to get out of here but at the end of the day, The only thing that california and San Diego has going for it is its natural beauty and thats not enough to keep me here.

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