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My opinion with facts I have lived here off and on most my life and it is the hardest place to move out of if you build roots here. There is drugs crime and filth here. Just last year the whole county was infested with rats and bedbugs despite your wealth and cleanliness. These things are still a problem due to the homeless that live in your backyard and parks and cow fields. The people who do have money snub you. The majority of the poor people are on probation ex cons and drug users/sellers. I just stay inside most the time like an elderly person although I am in my 30's. Yes its a sad world out my windows. It took me 5 years to buy my home and now I can't sell it to move somewhere else because no one wants to live in this area. It has no businesses, no entertainment, no selection of food places and small grocery stores to choose from. The commute is terrible if you go grocery shopping. No one wants to take an hour drive to and from a grocery store so you are stuck shopping at selected markets. No job industries unless you want to grow illegal marijuana. The violence is hidden from our community because no one wants to publicly say it. Charles Ming used to live here and in 2010 they unearthed over 200 dead bodies in someone's well. So yes this is the worst place to live. 2018 statistics of missing children is 110 and missing adults is 57. For a small county that is a threatening number of missing humans. Thanks for reading this review.

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