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Brandon from Socorro, TX
Socorro, TX
El Paso is wack and boring I am a native from El Paso Was raised in the working class area in the east side of El Paso by Montwood high all I can say it’s grown a lot. People are friendly depends on the area. Never felt terrified of my life here there is lots of crazy drivers and if you try to work here good luck jobs are just sinking here been happenings since 09 of Obama Ever since I was young and trying to find a job only found 7.25 hour to 13 hour jobs and I’m 26 years old!! Streets are nasty as well El Paso can never fix them always patches them up. The arial view sucks after you live here about a year you’ll understand what I mean. You’ll get to know El Paso like the back of your hand. Fun for family? Lol good look over here El Paso has nothing for families oriented only have wet and wild and Peter piper and western play land. Nothing is exciting about El Paso other just to get old and boreded out of your mind and just be home majority of the time. They have lakes here but boring as hell and small like hideaway lakes and had one next to it but got closed down. Also have ascarate park but gets boring as well too only to fish and not swim in unless you want to get bit by red eared sliders turtles the public been dumping in there. Restaurants are always the best here but always undecided where to go lol people from out of town always want chicos tacos it’s okay not the greatest but Gabriel iglesias made it more popular. The cost of living is increasing in the far north east area due to many people from different states move to that specific are cause they don’t want to deal with the rest of us natives culture. Central is bad and getting worse as more crime is generating. East side still good but getting over crowded now that more houses are being built. Horizon is also a nice area that’s growing as well. Socorro has nice people and more rural area due to its cotton field. But as time is going by El Paso is becoming a ghetto with so much drunk drivers , fighting’s, thots, especially people on there phones and text and drive El Paso pd has made a law to stop them from texting and driving but don’t enforce the law. El Paso is a somewhat a good place to live for your financial needs , however good luck finding the job to support it , majority of people I know move out to different city like Odessa and midland just to pay housing in el paso, including people from Mexico are going to Odessa to break that barrier of pay. Which is dumb if you want good pay. El Paso is just wack All around and I’m glad on making the decision to finally move with my family to a great area by the end of this year!

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