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Jeff from Golden, CO
Golden, CO
Do a lot of research before moving here! If you are considering moving to Denver because you think it's the "promised land" please read this review and others like it before moving. I have lived in and around the surrounding Denver area for 8 years now. The incredibly dramatic change just in the last 5 years has overall not been for the better. The traffic here is unreal, it usually runs 7 days a week and the city just cannot handle the amount of people on its roads. It makes everything so much more difficult, outside of a couple mile radius from your home. The smallest infraction on the freeway can set you back hours in delays, as well as in the mountains. The cost of everything is very expensive, especially home ownership and renting for a landlocked city, where the median income is around $51k and average house cost is closer to $500k, sometimes for a below average home. Just going out to enjoy a restaurant or movie becomes a task that sucks the joy right out of it. Crime goes up every year overall, 16th street mall smells of weed and piss, homeless are EVERYWHERE! The insurance costs for home and auto are some of the highest in the nation due to storms and the obscene amount of accidents that occur yearly. People are typically rude and unfriendly, much more friendly even 5 years ago. If you enjoy mountain activity be prepared to sit in hours of traffic, going up and coming down. The trails are packed with people and so are the mountains for skiing and snowboarding. Overall it is in my opinion that Denver is just not worth the cost and struggle just to enjoy everyday life. I read one review on here where someone likened living in Denver to "doing time", I would say that has become fairly accurate. Denver has turned into a smaller L.A. There are pros to living here but I think the cons now greatly outweigh them. I am gladly making my escape from it permanently in a week. I will not share where I am going, as I do not want the same thing to happen there. Hope this helps!

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