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Alicia from Columbia, SC
Columbia, SC
Wanting to move and have questions Hello! I’m looking for some input regarding relocating to MT. I’m currently living in SC, but grew up in CA. I am a stay at home mom and my husband works in banking. We have a family of 4 including 2 young children. I’m interested in moving to MT for recreational activities, access to the vast wilderness & wildlife, getting back to more a western culture/values, equestrian sports, and getting in touch with my great grandfather’s history in the state. Currently where we live in the south in our nice socioeconomic mixed neighborhood, we’re faced with nightly shootings, drive bys, armed robberies, murders, and car break-ins. So my biggest motivation is finding a town/neighborhood to move to that is safe for my family. Although I’m highly interested in an area that provides the ability to hike, swim, hunt, and just be outdoors. As a kid in CA I was afforded the ability to explore the canyons and deserts around me and I’m really like to get my kids outside and freedom to free play in their immediate area that they don’t have here. I also would love to know about schools. Which to avoid like the plague and whose got the most quality teachers and programs. Currently, even though we live in a nice neighborhood in a high crime city, Our children attend one of the highest rated award winning elementary schools in the state. I have a child that has a learning disability, so if anyone has recommendations for individual schools or districts, I am all ears. We really would enjoy having a few acres of privacy with an older home and not a cookie cutter house in the newer developments I am seeing advertised all over real estate pages. Are there a particular areas that could be ideal to look to find a home? I appreciate all feed back possible given :)

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