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mek from Glenvar Heights, FL
Glenvar Heights, FL
Unless you earn 6 figures, go elsewhere I am born and raised in Miami, my family all live in Miami. Miami is a great city if you earn 100k/year and up. Then you will be able to have a nice home in a nice neighborhood, have a nice car, enjoy the beaches, boating, restaurants, lounges, clubs, concerts, sports games and outdoor activities. Miami is full of beautiful women who will give you lots of attention as soon as they see you can afford to do all these things. Now, IF YOU DON'T HAVE $$$ MIAMI SUCKS!! You probably need to work 40 hrs/week to just make rent/mortgage and pay bills. Rent/mortgages prices here are EXPENSIVE! You need to live in a neighborhood out west because the homes are cheaper there, while all the jobs are east. So you will be stuck in at least a 45 min commute every day to work and back. THE DRIVERS IN MIAMI ARE HORRIBLE. Don't believe me, come visit! Statistically though, they are, just look it up. July-September the heat is horrible, your car feels like an oven, and you will arrive anywhere sweaty. Mosquito season coincides with rainy season, which is April-Oct, that's always fun. Everyone expects you to speak English, you are greeted in Spanish most places you go, and people are offended when you don't speak Spanish. Customer service is almost non-existent, prices for anything are exorbitant, you have to pay for parking almost everywhere you go, if you're lucky enough to even find parking. Basically, if you're an average person who has to work to pay Miami's extremely high cost of living you will use your free time for mostly chores and errands. Those errands will take FOREVER because you will be stuck in traffic and looking for parking, waiting in lines, etc. So that will leave you with barely any free time to enjoy the fun things about Miami like the beaches. Most working people don't ever go to the beach. So to work, be home watching TV and running errands you can do that someplace where the cost of living is much cheaper and you will have more money in your pocket. TRUST ME. If you're banking though, then yes Miami is the place to be

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