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M C from Antioch, CA
Antioch, CA
It's a pretty good place! Reading other reviews about the city of Antioch, you would think it's not that great of a place. Unfortunately, those reviews are misleading. A lot of the criticism are from residents of Antioch who have lived in the city of Antioch for decades/generations. They are used to a quiet town with incredibly low crime statistics. Well, the City of Antioch has been growing a lot over the past couple of decades. Growth was a little slow after the dot.com-Bubble Burst, but over the past two years, it's been growing again. Sadly, with any increase in population things like incidences of crime may increase, as well. However, it does not make it a bad place to live. It's actually pretty darn spiffy! I was born and raised in San Francisco. Compared to the big city, Antioch's crime rate seems pretty low to me. A lot of the crime is committed within a small radius of the City--which is on the "other side of the tracks" aka the older side of town. However, the crime in that small radius might be what you would expect in let's say, San Francisco or Oakland, but hey!, at least you didn't shell out millions of dollars for a home in Antioch! The homes in Antioch cost around half of the price anywhere else in the Bay Area. Why? Because it is probably the furthest outskirt that is still a part of the Bay Area. The commute sucks, but the commute will suck pretty much anywhere in the Bay Area. They are building a BART extension in Antioch, so public transportation will be way easier once it opens up. My home is close to Brentwood, but still in Antioch. It's a very nice area. Beautiful homes. Great neighbors. Excellent police response time (in case you were wondering). Plenty of new stores, restaurants, hospitals, etc. I have found everyone that I have come across to be very nice and courteous. Compared to living in the City all of my life, it is really a warm place (not talking about the weather) with warm people. It gets hot during the summer, but most homes have air conditioning. For the price you pay to live in the Bay...it is totally worth it. I believe the cops are working on clearing out the riff-raff, but all-in-all it's a great place to live...in the BAY AREA.

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