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ann from Palm Harbor, FL
Ogden, UT
thumbs down would not recommend at all living in Pinellas - our home insurance went from 480.00 to 1600.00 in 2 years - not one claim ever - car insurance is outrageous - it caters only to 55 plus - if you have a family forget it, don't come here, you will pay 1,000 plus for an apartment - there is no famiy mobile home parks for families - all for elderly - school in north pinellas are okay - northerasterns move in like flies and very rude - this is not a southern town - jobs are very hard to find unless you are a telemarketers you will find lots of job but you will have to rip off people - as for driving - pray before you get on the roads - I have been slammed from behind twice - and you here sirens all the time or Bayflight from major accidents - people litterly drive so fast and tailgate - seen alot of major accidents - the country is so crowded - similar to living in NY City - avoid certain beaches parking tolls outrageous in clearwater beach, honeymoon island cost 8.00 just to go swimming, and most of southern pinellas beaches are full of condominiums and very built up beaches -so you loose that florida feeling - i would suggest move to Homossassa and get out of this congestion at least you can work at walmart and have peace - because for every job position in pinellas there is several 100 in line..

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