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Bob from Revere, MA
Revere, MA
word of advice Shirley Ave- worst part of the city. covered in gangs, drugs, and crime. I've heard stories about one gang doing drive-by shootings at another gang just for fun. Coolidge and Rose street Projects- these two projects are right off of broadway. they have a gang problem too. i read in the newspaper that a father was walkiing homke with his kid and two people beat him up and broke his legs just to rob him. another guy was walking home and got stabbed because he refused to give up his wallet. beachmont- this part of the city does not have the same problems with gangs as other parts but it has a serious drug problem. there is just the same amount and types of crimes here,m just not always gang related. revere street- similar to beachmont taft street- located at the end of broadway. the gang on this street has been fighting with the gangs from coolidge and rose street. broadway towers- the gang from this building runs with coolidge and rose street and they have almost all of broadway as their territory. west revere and point of pines- the two rich parts of the city. just about no crime comes out of point of pines. west revere is ironically right next to the coolidge street projects. so even the people that live in this nice section, have to deal with the same problems. Northgate- has a shopping center. lined with apartment buildings at one end. home to bosnian gangs and other gangs. the gangs in this city are not restricted to one particular race. people of every race interact with gangs and crime. infact most people think that white people do not contribute to this, but i have seen white kids that are worse than anyone from any other race. there are major drug rings getting broken up all the time between cocaine, crack, heroin, or marijuana. guns are another problem, they are extremely easy for kids to get. it really is terrible. one time i was walking down shirley ave and there was a trail of blood all the way down it. the schools are suprisingly very good, but it is not worth the problems of crime in the city. and i'm not just saying all of this to make revere look bad, i want people to know the truth about it.

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