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rob from Arlington, MA
Arlington, MA
Boston..one of the 10 most overrated cities _USA Absolutely......Boston's an overrated clannish dung heap....Nice to visit sure but....The thing about Boston is there are really two Bostons...One where the deified spawn of privilege, the luckiest 1 percent of the world's population among us can send off their little progeny to attend any of the 80 or so dilettante schools - in short for those that can piss away about $250,000-$400,000 for an piece of paper- and the rest who are more representative of the country as a whole -who in turn live in the poor southern sub sections.....Dorchester, Roxbury, Matappan....where they dutifully stay to themselves and for the most part stay in their place - and so far don't cause much fuss in the whiter areas...they know their place. There's no comparison between NYC and Boston....the former being a truly world class city- where talent and hard work usually go rewarded no matter your pedigree or lack thereof whereas Boston's a flake's paradise...where who you know is far more important than what you can do... or how well you can do it.....Bottom line is - if you had were afforded the uncommon luxury during your youth to be sheathed in gold threaded diapers -or if you were afforded the opportunity in life to be late suckled off the teat of extraordinary wealth, then you'll love Boston indeed....and nearly every one of the positive reviews here mirror that characteristic Boston mix of ignorance, provincialism and dullness lol..Ever hear that insipid accent? Hint, it's WAY more than just an accent..haha. The reason that most very "successful" Bostonians stay here is because if they were to move anywhere else -Surprise! -they'd have no transferable juice in other cities....expect maybe Geneva Switzerland ...The thing is, money simply can't buy talent...and believe me, as privileged as the people here are, they surely could always use a bit more talent....want a fish for lunch ...how about a whale....lol. Just as an aside, as far as i can determine, I was weaned around 4 years old age....but a lot of these folks, watch em' , unable to truly make it on their own, never tire of the suckle..and from the elongated teat of privilege no less. That's not yesterday's clam chowder you see always dripping from their lips... They, like putting a country boy shit-kicker into an upscale tea party, ALWAYS stand out..lol. The majority, actually know this....hence witness the flaccid, facile, predictable excuses masquerading as cogent responses from the 1 percent among us....and hey, so nice of you to stop by! Boston actually is listed on several websites as being "One of the 10 most overrated cities in America"....(not mine lol) So again, for a few - Boston, sure it's great...of course it's great....not unlike for the ruling class in Pyongyang...it's great there too. Hey, i stopped by the BU cafeteria one day and i noted Sushi and Legal Seafood with stalls there...no cavier though, that day..haha. I had to deal with normal foodstuffs... But if by any remote chance your stars werent' all neatly manicured and aligned in a row when you were born ....if you weren't among the 5% of the US populace the poor folk truly deprived beyond mesure , then Boston is a pretty but ultimately stuck up, clannish, tribal, overpriced, overvalued, dung heap...it's really no secret...Remember, all that glitters isn't gold...Even if it's ---- Ready folks.....? "Strong" --- hehe PS You can do far better...

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