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Synthetic from Kansas City, MO
Kansas City, MO
Kansas City is the Midwest’s best kept secret KC has seriously grown over the last 20 years, specifically the downtown area. The city as a whole has become a more inviting place for younger generations as well with downtown living, restaurants and other activities. The power and light district downtown is a fun place to be all year round. There are two theme parks that are staples in the city oceans of fun and worlds of fun, both of which rival other cities theme parks IMO. There are also the chiefs and royals nfl/mlb if that is your thing which is huge in this city. Big sports fans here. As far as livability is concerned this is a very affordable place to live. There are some really nice neighborhoods in Overland Park Kansas which is located a short drive from downtown. They are also in the process of (finally!) building a brand new international airport which is located 20 minutes north of the city. The current airport is garbage. Only real complaint I have is the cold weather. I’m a guy who prefers warm weather all year round. I will say it isn’t the coldest it could be compared to cities north of kc. Even omaha which is around 3 hours north seems to have colder weather for longer with more snow than we get here. Winters can vary year to year but expect random hard freezes in mid January through the beginning of March. Average temps are usually in the mid to upper 30s with lows in the 20s. The summers are long and hot. Let me just tell you in the summer we cook here. I’m ok with that but others might not be so consider that. For example I spent 5 days at Clearwater beach this summer and it was 90 there everyday but in kc it was 100 almost every day. There was a coolish breeze off the ocean in Tampa but when we got back to kc it felt like an oven. Fall and spring are usually short or nonexistent some years. All in all I’ve called kc home for 22 years. I moved here with my mom when I was 9 and I really do like this city. It is a great place to raise a family and you can really have a nice life here even if you aren’t making tons of money per year. If you’re really rich then you can afford a lot here and it makes life even more enjoyable.

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