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Jill from Bowling Green, KY
Bowling Green, KY
I Was Bullied And Miserable Here I moved to Fresno back in 2005 and lived there for a year and a half before I could no longer stand it anymore. The area initially seemed very nice and pretty and I was looking forward to living there and having that experience. However, that lasted all but three days. My car was broken into and I was robbed. Wonderful Fresno welcome. As if that wasn't bad enough, two weeks later I got my first job there. That's when my eyes were opened as to what to expect and what I'd deal with in the area. The childcare facility that hired me turned out to be a nightmare. The first location they sent me was literally down the street from where I worked. I seriously lasted until my lunch break on my very first day when I was called upfront to the office by management. There I was greeted with hostility and interrogation. One of the girls felt threatened by the fact that I had been placed as her aide and would take over her room when she learned my experience and credentials....and I was targeted because I was the only white employee and I wad new. Anyhow, she made up all these stories and lies about me saying that I trashed management, they didn't know what they were doing, I was taking over etc etc. Needless to say I was transferred to location #2..... Location #2 was smack dab in the middle of THE ghetto. Again, the only white employee. They treated me horribly, bullied me and constantly made racial slurs against me. Even had the children call me names in Spanish and would laugh about it. One co worker whose Nephew was a child in the center threatened me and had me shunned because an Asian child bit her Nephew while in my care and she accused me of letting the Asian kid bite her Nephew because I was a cracker and favored the Asian kids over the Mexcican ones. One co worker threatened me by telling me that I better know my place because her boyfriend was a Bulldog gang member and had just been released from prison for murder. The parents were somewhat nice to me UNTIL they found out I was from Oklahoma. Then they truly made my life a living hell. I was accused of being a racist just because I was from OK.....parents began filing complaints saying they didn't want me there any longer and came up with allegations like I wouldn't let their chikd eat or go to the bathroom etc etc. One day the black manager made me wear another employees ID tag (a 350lb black guy) and had me introduce myself as "Tyrone" so they could have their laughs and humiliate me. I stuck it out for a month and remained strong as long as I could. My entire experience in Fresno was like that. It was horrible. I seemed to be a minority there, the crime rate wad very high, everything was extremely expensive and the standard of living is subpar. It's full of racism, ghettos and an overpriced quality of life.

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