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Anastasia from Financial District-Battery Park City, NY
Financial District-Battery Park City, NY
NOT THE BEST PLACE TO LIVE, BY FAR I would have to agree with the low stars reviews for this place. I really gave it a try and wanted to find more positive than negative in this palce, but it's not possible. I lived in many places, including NY, Florida, Nevada and Cali. Texas was probably one of teh worst experiences I've had out of all of them. My main complaint and the reason why I would never be able to live in Dalla or anywhere in Texas are the drivers. I had never in my life seen so many dumb, ignorant, reckless and homicidal drivers as I did in Texas. These drivers don't care about anything or anyone on the road. They will literally shoot you if you are driving slwer than they are in front of them. They all without exception ignore all speed limit signs and drive 80 mph in 30 mph residential zones with kids, animals, people crossing the street. It is so disturbing to see how Texan people have no regard for any life. I see them accelerate to kill squirrels, racoons, cats crossing the street instaed of hitting the breaks. It is very upsetting how cruel people are in Texas. Moreover, there is ZERO culture here. Not one person I met in Texas was interested in anything other than food, drinks and themselves. There is very little to discuss with people here and when you try to discuss any other topic than food, they become intimidated and uninterested. Arrogance is also very dominant here, although, I am not sure why. They all seem to have inflated egos and disregard for society as a whole. This culture just does not seem to evolve, I'd say it's regressing rather than progressing. The fact that they think doing away with gun licensing and allowing an open carry is good for the society is a huge problem. Evolution just passed this place by. Basically, if you like shooting animals, people and drive over everything in your way, this is the best place for you. Furthermore, the weather really leaves much to be desired. Dallas is not blessed with beaches, ocean, big parks or any pleasant natural habitats. In the winter it's freezing cold, can get to double negative digits, in the summer it's scolding hot, getting to triple digits. Don't forget about the blackouts for days, floods, terrible roads that noone ever fixes, and most of all cops that just don't care. The property taxes are out of control compared to other states, and even if there is no state income tax, they get you on sales tax, property tax and high food prices. Overall, the only reason I gave it 2 stars is that real estate is still affordable if you are willing to live way out in the suburbs and the food is really good in most of the restaurants in Dallas. Can't wait to leave this place and never come back

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