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Fort Stewart, GA is home to a variety of schools that provide an excellent education for students. The local schools in Fort Stewart are typically well rated by parents and students alike, with many offering an impressive curriculum and experienced teachers. The schools specialize in providing a wide range of educational options, from traditional subjects like math and science to more modern courses like robotics and coding. There are also unique extracurricular activities available, such as sports teams and club programs that can help foster a sense of community among the students while providing them with valuable life skills. The area also boasts some of the most modern technology for use in classrooms, allowing students to stay ahead of the curve when it comes to their academic performance. All in all, Fort Stewart's school system provides an ideal environment for young children to learn and thrive in their educational journey.

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Name Grades Type Rating
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Over 10 years ago

Cost of living is fairly descent. Good place for retirement living. The town of Hinesville is very small, but major city is to the north and west.   More

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Over 18 years ago

I can definately say I feel safe....not much to do here but what there  More

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