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climate - 8/21/2011
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Seattle, WA

Temperate, no extremes in temperature, humidity, air pressure. I can live with gray skies.

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Port Ludlow, WA

Rainy - 3/6/2014

But I love it![read more...]

Harrisburg, PA

Relocation and Jobs - 2/17/2014

I live in the northeast. My husband and I are trying to relocate to Seattle. We find it very difficult getting any employers to look at us because we are out of state. People say move first and then apply for jobs. Given the way the economy is right now, I don't find that to be a wise decision. However, I really want to move out there. My husband graduated college with a BA in Computer Science back in 2013. I only have an associates degree and have been working in accounting for quite a few years now. Is it hard to get a job once you move there? In addition, do you find the people to really be distant? I hear about the Seattle Freeze a lot but don't know how true that is. Every place has pros and cons. Just curious if Seattle is really that bad. I've been out there lots of times. I am familiar with the rainy overcast weather. Of course visiting is way different then living there. Any advice will be greatly appreciated![read more...]

Seattle, WA

0% Hispanic??? Are you guys blind?? - 2/9/2014

Look up real data! There's over 40,000 Hispanics in Seattle! That's 6.6%! Sperling needs to look up REAL demographic data![read more...]

Seattle, WA

0% Hispanic??? Are you guys blind?? - 2/9/2014

Seattle has a Hispanic population that makes up 6.6% of the population! Not 0%! That's about 40,000 Hispanics and if you've been to Seattle and haven't seen that, just go to South Park! It's FULL of Hispanics! I believe around 40% of the people in that neighborhood are Hispanic! This website gives false information![read more...]

Seattle, WA

Wood Stoves - 12/27/2013

Seattle is suppose to be green? I don't think so, woods stoves pollute the air, old cars, terrible air pollution especially in the winter. If, you a runner forget it. Many of the people I observe here have insalubrious habits.....sleeping and eating after their dogs, sleazy hotel and motels. Lots of hookers though if you are into that. I've lives all over the country and Seattle takes the cake...especially on Aurora Ave from 135th to 80th Ave Colds and Flu abounds.......lots of sickly people.......too much of a liberal city. Very expensive here, it is beating out California now. Crime rates sky high, taxes galore, tolls on all 6 and 7 dollars per trip. Gay Mayors.......quite racist as well here too! I was shocked for a liberal cities....I have found that conservative places are way less racist then liberal cities. And, in reality Liberals are into money and Conservatives are into sex! And, what's with the old-fashion wood stoves, I mean it's not like we are troglodytes. Use oil or electric for God's sakes.[read more...]

Seattle, WA

Ideal City For Empty Nesters & Nature Lovers - 12/24/2013

I am one of the thousands of Midwest-raised folks who made the pilgrimage to Seattle (seems like every other person I meet here is from the Midwest). If you're from a sunny climate, you won't be impressed. But for those of us who grew up with harsh, continental climates, this is paradise. I can walk outside with almost no jacket one some days in the winter. I can run around outside for hours in the summer and not sweat a drop. It's definitely not as nice as sunny smooth Bay Area, CA but Seattle is probably the next best thing. What don't I like about Seattle? As a 20-something single, I don't feel like this is the most exciting place to be. Don't get me wrong, Seattle is beautiful. The greenery, the clean air, the mountains, the water, it's all here. But socially, this city seems to appeal more to wealthy folks over the age of 40 whose priorities are talking walks and having a garden in their backyard. The nightlife is not great, and you can go for miles and miles without seeing somebody in their 20's in many neighborhoods here. Not many families either, as they can't afford to live in the city. I really don't feel like there is enough noticeable population of singles in their 20s, outside of the University of Washington territory. Seattle is just not a city where people come to socialize and prioritize making new connections. They come here to enjoy the outdoors and live healthy. This could be a good or bad thing, depending on what you're into. It's a good place for LGBT folks. There are enough gay people here to where you won't really have to worry about homophobic discrimination as much as elsewhere. Anyone here who does have anti-gay views is usually more quiet and calm about it because they know they have to be around gay people anyway. So in that sense, it's a safe place to be gay. One downfall about the demographics here is that I don't really think Seattle is a great place to be black. Most of the non-whites (Asian, mostly) live in the suburbs, not in the city of Seattle. Regardless of how "liberal" a reputation Seattle has, I get the impression a lot of people here just aren't accustomed to black people and aren't comfortable around blacks. I am not black myself, but the black people I've interacted with here don't seem very happy and have a chip on their shoulder about being black here (I don't blame them, I would too). I would not want to raise a black child here, out of fear that they would have identity problems because they stick out like a sore thumb. But that's just my perspective. All in all, it's definitely a more interesting cultural experience compared to where I once was in the Midwest, but I still long for something more exciting and social. [read more...]

Lake Stevens, WA

Air Pollution - 12/16/2013

Seattle has poor air quality, especially in winter when many people burn (wood stoves, fire places)and air is stagnant. Many believe with all the rain and cloudiness that King county and Snohomish County have good air quality, however, check statistics on EPA "Airnow" web site, air quality is one of the worst in the country.[read more...]

Seattle, WA

Great place to live - 12/15/2013

I've lived in Seattle for nearly 40 years. I came here to attend the University of WA, fell in love with the city and have been here ever since. The city and surrounding area are beautiful, with a mild climate, plenty of recreational and cultural opportunities, great healthcare, and good employment opportunities. The one negative about Seattle is the cost of living which is significantly higher than the national average. I guess that shouldn't be surprising since it outranks in so many other categories.[read more...]

York, SC

best place to live - 12/15/2013

lived there for 35 years and dearly loved it. Has so much to offer[read more...]

Atlanta, GA

Relocating - 8/10/2013

Please send any information helpful in relocating to the Seattle Area. Queen Anne, or Belltown are the areas in Interested in. Thanks[read more...]

Spokane, WA

Weather - 7/19/2013

rainy[read more...]


Quality of Life in seattle - 7/10/2013

Am looking to move next year away from Chicago. Been here 12 years now, and very unhappy with Chicago, and Illinois. Many reasons for this. HOwerver, I am looking for some good information about moving to Seattle and quality of life. I am in Information Technology and am thinking I will be able to find work reasonably easily. Also have added massage therapy to my resume. I am an avid runner, scuba diver, and bicyclist. Would like to be able to pursue these activities year round and enjoy living in a city for a change. Is the cost of renting an apartment or town home in Seattle that expensive? thanks[read more...]

Renton, WA

Seattle Living..hmmmm... - 6/1/2013

If you love the mountains, hiking..the water and THE RAIN.. Then you wanna live here. There is plenty to do if you are a "granola" and you don't mind ALWAYS being rained on.. YES, I SAID ALWAYS.. this is no joke.. it s the most annoying thing about living her.. You can't plan ANYTHING outside unless you are okay being rained on.. BBQs! NOPE.. summer is usually short lived here. I have lived her on and off for many years, I have left for many years, had to come back. I am planning my escape now.. waiting or my son to graduate highschool. This place can truly be depressing. It's like waking up with a blanket on our head and walking around. GREY< GREY< GREY! 50 shades of grey people! HOw does one survive here? You are constantly waiting for the next GREAT, sunny day! Then when it is sunny, the rusty, pastey people run out get burned up and soak up all the Vit D until the next sunny day.. It's really is not for me.. I like to wake up to the give me energy.... the rain, makes me down.. and makes you wanna just stay inside and not go anywhere. This is NOT a way to live.. IT is spendy here too.. So, YES, I am planning my escape. I have lived in Scottsdale, Santa Barbara, LA... I don' know where next. I must research. Yes, Seattle is pretty, there are nice people, but if you are constantly doging the weather, it's just no fun. ): [read more...]

Seattle, WA

economy - 4/3/2013

ok[read more...]

Alexandria, VA

Contemplating moving to Seattle - 2/25/2013

I am contemplating moving to Denver or Seattle, from Alexandria, Virginia. Actually, I never really considered Seattle, until I read some of the comments. I do not really know who and what to believe i.e., there seems to be a wide range and varying degree of opinions, with respect to either location. I just wanted a honest perspective, without emotion. I will be working from home and looking to enjoy life and the surrouding area. [read more...]

Seattle, WA

I LOVE Seattle - 1/2/2013

I have to say, I am very disappointed with a lot of what I have seen on here. I moved to Seattle from Vermont, and I absolutely love it here. The temperature is a lot warmer, and it rains LESS here than it does back in Vermont. Yes, it's true that the winters tend to be cloudy, but the rain is rarely more than a drizzle and there are still at least a few sunny days a month. The summers are absolutely amazing. Warm without being too hot and nothing but sun and clear skies for three months. Seattle is definitely one of the most beautiful places I've been to. The mountains that surround the city are breathtaking and you're never more than 30 minutes from either lounging on the beach or skiing down a slope. My husband and I had originally planned on moving to Seattle just for a few years for work and then going back to Vermont. Now we're so in love with it we decided to stay and raise our family here. Don't listen to all the naysayers on this page...the truth is that the weather here isn't any worse than a lot of places, and it has so much to offer.[read more...]

Bothell, WA

The High Cost of Living in Seattle - 12/26/2012

Seattle and most of its suburbs are expensive, both in terms of the costs of housing and in the cost of government. In the latter case this is particularly true in terms of how poorly state and local government design, build and maintain the infrastructure. Top that off with a climate that can be depressingly wet and gray for a substantial part of the year, and a retiree, unless equipped with substantial retirement savings, can find it a rather limiting place to live. [read more...]

Seattle, WA

The Real Deal Seattle - 8/24/2012

I approach Seattle from the standpoint of someone who chose to move here rather than being from here. For full disclosure, I was moving back toward the neck of the woods I am from when I met my future husband and of course 13 years later, children, a pug, a home, here I am. I am a real estate broker in Seattle and often work with clients new to the area. I think I tell it like it is: the good, the not so good and all the things in between, including what you will come to appreciate and love about it over time. Is it gray outside for many months of the year, well of course it is! Is it harder to meet people here than lets say the south; you bet it is but when you do make friends, you make them for life! Are the schools surprisingly spotty...well yes and no depending on where you are. Do I know every nook and cranny, every school, basically the best of the best about what makes Seattle a wonderful place to live...I try to and I make it my business to do just that, all while doing it from the perspective of someone who the city really had to grow on to the point where I now don't know if I could live anywhere else in the United States. Surprising? Well it surprised me that's for sure! I would love to answer any and all of your questions so bring them on! [read more...]

Bothell, WA

Rain in Seattle - 7/19/2012

Note: the information shown here for Seattle is INCORRECT. It does NOT have 152 sunny days per year. It's more like 58. We have about 155 days of RAIN per year.[read more...]

Everett, WA

Weather - 6/1/2012

Seattle has very long winters with gray and drizzly days. Summer are short and typically only arrives around July. The best months are August and September. Winter days are short. Dark at 5 p.m. Summer days are long with dusk around 9:30 p.m. Seattle has a very temperate climate. Winter's lowest temperatures while I have lived here (since 1995) are in the 20 degree Fahrenheit range. Average range of winter climate is in the 30s. Summer highs are around 75 and sometimes in the 80s. [read more...]

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