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Seattle, WA

great place to live, but very expensive - 7/24/2022
Overpopulated seems to be the main problem, too many people here already, roads are congested, no space to built housing since Seattle has water on one side and mountains on the other. Only a limited amount of buildable land and it's already built on so no room left for more people. Realize that if you move here you are entering a highly competitive, crowded and expensive area. It was overpopulated 20 years ago and only getting worse.

Seattle, WA

Good to visit but not to live - 4/8/2022
I've lived here for 15 years. Seattle downtown, including Cap Hill is not nice place to live, dangerous crazy people running wild, noisy, and expensive. Seattle is built on a steep hill so riding a bicycle is very difficult. And with the weather is usually cold and wet. South Seattle is located along a river, which is great living space, but instead is a polluted industrial wasteland. The North Seattle area has nice areas but are very expensive, over $1 million. Same with the Eastside Bellevue and Issaquah. This is where most of the the middle and upper class family neighborhoods are located. The whole area has beautiful weather for about 3 or 4 months in the Summer. The rest of the year is gloomy, cold, and wet. There are only two highways running North and South and they are always congested with traffic. Property taxes, sales, and gas taxes are high, but there is no personal income tax. The minimum wage is the highest in the country so expect higher prices. Good place to visit but look for nicer, lower cost places to live.

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