Audrey Lyle
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Star Rating 8/21/2011
Temperate, no extremes in temperature, humidity, air pressure. I can live with gray skies.


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B Soapdish
Seattle, WA
If you are white, wealthy and self-centered, Seatt
Before you chop my head off, let me explain. I had alwa...
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Ra Rodrigue
Fruitland Park, FL
Seattle/Miserable Town
I spent five unhappy years in Seattle, going to college...
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Jennifer Stephan
Seattle, WA
Places in the Heart
I have lived in Seattle for 36 years. It has changed a ...
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a j
San Antonio, TX
Its what you expect
Yeah it does tend to rain 8 months out of the year whil...
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Lynn Adams
Austin, TX
moving from Austin TX to Seattle WA
Wow, I googled the opposite, from Austin to Seattle. Le...
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Michae Noreika
Seattle, WA
The Wet
It doesn't rain nearly as much as people think. ...
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