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"Quality of Life"

Quality of Life - 2/14/2010
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Los Angeles, CA

I've read all of the reviews and they are all true. The bottom line is that this is paradise if you are wealthy. If not, the price of housing and the diffucult transportation situation will make your life miserable.

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Westport, CT

Comparison - 1/25/2014

I want to compare Santa Monica to Westport, Ct[read more...]

Santa Monica, CA

Climate - 7/11/2010

Santa Monica has the best weather of any place I have ever lived. I have never had a bad weather day in over three years.[read more...]

Santa Monica, CA

santa monica - 2/26/2010

Beautiful but ridiculously expensive....[read more...]

Los Angeles, CA

Quality of Life - 2/14/2010

I've read all of the reviews and they are all true. The bottom line is that this is paradise if you are wealthy. If not, the price of housing and the diffucult transportation situation will make your life miserable.[read more...]

Santa Monica, CA

A cultural melting pot on the California coast - 10/22/2009

Living in Santa Monica is a daily adventure. The mix of old fashioned and modern, wealthy and poor, young and old, make Santa Monica a melting pot of cultures in an ideal Southern California setting. Santa Monica has a side for everyone, artsy creative types, health nuts, bohemians, tech gurus, young business professionals, college students and retirees all coexist peacefully. I am able to enjoy an active healthy lifestyle outdoors, while enjoying high end shopping, beautiful weather and a great night life.[read more...]

Culver City, CA

Almost perfect weather - 8/15/2009

I was looking at some of the climate comfort indexes on several cities and noticed that Santa Monica's is lower than cities like Chicago, Seattle, and Cleveland?? It says that the index is based on the humidity levels during the "hot months", but when it's 70 degrees with 70% humidity, how can that be uncomfortable? Give me Santa Monica weather any day, I love this site but you might need to adjust the way you calculate that stat. By the way, Santa Monica has some of the best weather I've ever seen[read more...]

Santa Monica, CA

santa monica climate - 11/30/2008

Santa Monica has the best climate. It has mild summers and winters. It is cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter compared to inland areas. So while it might be 90 in the valley or 100 in the's in the 70's in Santa Monica. When it's in the 30's and 20's's in the 40's in Santa Monica . I'm looking to buy a place out in the country somewhere in the United States and I'm having trouble finding a place with such a lovely climate! [read more...]

Santa Monica, CA

Paradise? - 8/4/2008

Not far from it, I've lived by the beach in So Cal all my life. I just can't seem to give it up. I can walk everywhere, ocean, mountains, coffee shops, gym, stores, clubs, movies, etc,. And the weather... when it's good it's really good.[read more...]

Santa Monica, CA

Climate - 4/7/2008

As climate goes it's tough to beat. Generally mild winters and lovely spring, summer and fall.[read more...]

Santa Monica, CA

Great place if you can afford it. - 1/20/2008

Santa Monica is notable for its virtual absence of weather - it never gets especially cold or hot - outdoor activities are possible and pleasant year round. Whether it's the beach or the symphony, virtually any activity is within striking distance. We are peasants; we live and work in Santa Monica. That makes the traffic here more livable. Rush hour on the local roads and freeways hasn't reached 24/7 status yet but it gets closer every year. Commutes are measured in time not distance - even short trips on the wrong stretch of freeway can take forever. Don't let the population figure fool you. Santa Monica melds seemlessly into Los Angeles and therefore has some of both the problems and the benefits that you would associate with a much larger city. Much of the "affordable" housing stock here dates originally to the early part of the 20th century. We've owned two houses that were both built in 1938. Although many of these homes have seen updates since then, some are perilously close to original condition. Our first house, purchased around 1999, was still powered by a 30 Amp fuse box. For the non-electrical among you that means don't try to run the toaster and the hair dryer at the same time. Many of the houses are small by modern standards - 2000 square feet is a pretty big house by Santa Monica standards - not surprising. A two bedroom, 1 bath in 1000 sq. ft. in the Sunset Park district could set you back a million dollars. North of Montana avenue, where I grew up, I doubt that a million dollars would buy you a bare dirt lot. In a perfect world, I'd never leave. But given that the world isn't perfect we are seriously talking about moving. We love this city and have deep roots here. But we hope to retire someday on a diet of something more upscale then pet food. Our current property tax bill alone is over $8000.00 a year. A caution - that figure is based on what we paid for a very "affordable" house five years ago. The bill would be much higher if you purchased the house today. The money that we should be putting in our 401k for retirement goes to pay mortgage, insurance and property taxes. Santa Monica is a wonderful place to live in so many ways except for the cost. Coming from most zip codes in the U.S, you'll need to sharply lower your expectations regarding housing when moving here. Even then you'll be paying dearly for those lowered expectations. In return, however, you'll be getting about the most pleasant climate available in the U.S. and access to more recreation and cultural opportunities then you can ever hope to take advantage of.[read more...]

Santa Monica, CA

Getting worse each year! - 12/26/2007

Santa Monica used to be a very nice place to live, but as the cost of living continues to up each year, it also seems that the quality of life is going down. The neighborhoods north of Wilshire are safe and physically attractive, but hardly anybody walks here and the sidewalks in the neighborhoods are kind of empty. Montana Ave. is very pretentious (and boring) and its cafes are noisy and are unappealing places to sit and relax. Most of the restaurant on Montana are over-rated, over-priced and too noisy. The city is turning into a police state, with its ridiculous no-smoking-outdoor laws, and the same people who fought for this idiocy drive around in obscene SUVs whose emissions are far more dangerous than "second-hand smoke." The 3rd Street Promenade which used to have interesting and small restaurants and shops is now filled with horrible chain stores and restaurants that you can find anywhere (unfortunately) and which are uniformly loud. The quality of street performers and street vendors on the Promenade is about a two on a scale of one to ten, though I'd put the performers here into a -1 rating. Between the horrible cacophony of noise produced by one street performer and another and the boom-boxes carried by people on the promenade, this part of the city is a disaster in terms of being a nice pubic space. Don't bother to get outdoor seating in a Promenade restaurant, unless you love listening to several loud street performers all doing their thing at once. Parking is horrendous in the downtown area, public transportation stinks, and there have been measures to make it uncomfortable to sit outdoors with horrible benches and in some places metal spikes to prevent people from sitting down. The beaches are polluted and many of them ugly as they are right next to the ugly Pacific Coast Highway, and there are hardly any trees, and unlike New England, where you can bring your dog once the summer season is over (through Memorial Day), there is not a single beach in Santa Monica where you can bring your dog at any time of year. If you are planning on having a picnic with wine, forget it, as you cannot drink anything with alcohol outdoors anywhere in the police state of Santa Monica. Homeless and crazies abound throughout the city. If you want to live in Santa Monica, plan to stay at home, since what you find in the business districts and public spaces is not that appealing![read more...]

Los Angeles, CA

expensive and not worth it!!!! - 10/14/2007

I have lived here my whole life and it is just becoming more and more populated. Housing prices are ridiculous and even the oldest and smallest apartments are too expensive. The traffic in the area is out of this world. If you are looking to move here then you better have a lot of money! Oh, by the way, if you want to go to the beach, you better go further north like Malibu, because santa monica beach is one of the most polluted beaches anywhere. Homeless galore and junkies inhabit much of Santa Monica and it's beaches. Still interested?[read more...]

Santa Monica, CA

Lovely - 7/10/2007

If you're looking for a great climate in a little LA city, this is the place to be![read more...]

Brentwood, CA

Excellent Cultural and Recreational Opportunities - 12/20/2006

Santa Monica has it all--temperate temperatures, sun, excellent shopping, beaches, restaurants, but it also has huge opportunities for many cultural experiences of all kinds and excellent outdoor recreation. You name it hiking, roller blading, volleyball, cycling, jogging, weightlifting, walking. It is all available year round. 365 days of the best weather in which to enjoy it all culture and recreation. You can also do so many things all in one day. A huge variety and easy access![read more...]

Santa Monica, CA

Ocean Park neighborhood south of Pico becoming muc - 9/5/2006

After selling a huge old home near downtown Portland, Oregon, three years ago and purchasing a small condo in the Ocean Park area of Santa Monica, every day is a reminder how much I love the glorious sunshine and blue sky, the tropical plants and colorful flowers in bloom all year round and especially the closeness to miles of beautiful beaches. The Ocean Park area has been beautified a lot in the past three years and with it's easy access (by a short walk) to the beach, many popular coffee shops, one of a kind boutiques and restaurants.... it is in many ways now considered more desirable than the area north of Wilshire (which doesn't have walking access to the beach because of the PCH highway and Palisades cliffs preventing direct access). My only complaint is: not enough is being done to take care of the homeless problem throughout all of Santa Monica. The city is always working on the issue but not quickly enough. Since it is so easy to live outside all year around, it's understandable why there are so many homeless. I think they should be picked up and taken to a community set up in an area that is much less populated, east or north of here. They could be given counseling and art therapy to help them with the emotional problems which are the cause their inability to cope in this fast-paced world which judges people mainly by their ability to earn lots of money. They could be expected then to help in the running of their own community....learning to grow, prepare, serve food....keep their living spaces clean and maintained....and eventually...through their own artistic expression, even beautified. This would provide these pour wounded souls with a sense of pride and dignity. Cottage industries could be started where they could use skills to make things that could be sold to make an income. Why do we send so much money to other countries when people right under our noses need our help so much? Instead of looking away and hiding in big McMansions with gated protection and sending money to other parts of the world, I have used my artistic/organizational skills to turn a small condo into a very attractive livable space which I can afford as a self-employed artist while being able to enjoy my short walk to a beautiful beach and to take advantage of the fun dining and shopping here. [read more...]

Santa Monica, CA

I love LA - 2/26/2006

I love LA, except for the cost. I am a single mom raising a teenage daughter, on an income that barely covers our needs. I am a professional and love what I do. However, in this economy I see my city's infrastructure spiraling down. We have expensive new developments for the wealthy, ($250,000 income a year and up to the billions)but for the rest of us our homes are shrinking and harder to keep up. That said, I love the weather, the people, the diversity of geography and cultures. I don't want to leave. But as I age, I need to think about the best place to retire.[read more...]

Los Angeles, CA

Beautiful - if they'd do something about the homel - 1/30/2006

I lived here for two years. The place is an absolute paradise except for two things (a) homeless everywhere, peeing on everything and constantly begging for money and (b) there are NO cheap stores. No Wal-Mart, Target, anything reasonable. There is one dollar store in the bad part of town and that's it. If you're going to live there, you want to be north of Wilshire - and plan on heading into the Valley to do your shopping if you don't want to pay an arm and two legs for things like toilet paper. Other than that, the climate is perfect, the north end of the city is beyond beautiful and safe and the public schools are so good even the celebrities' kids go there. Plenty of good jobs. High rent, but that's SoCal.[read more...]