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"A great place to live, but you will pay for it...."

A great place to live, but you will pay for it.... - 3/29/2008
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Minneapolis, MN

Minneapolis/St. Paul offers what most bigger, cosmopolitan cities do (ie. great shopping, good restaurants, and plenty from the art scene). It surprises most transplants, however, just how expensive it is to live here.
Minneapolis/St Paul is wonderful place to live, but between the extremely high and growing taxes, as well as the hefty price tag of metro housing, you need to be prepared to pay for the pleasure of living in this livable city....

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Minneapolis, MN

Expensive housing, but the buildings are "cheap" - 10/3/2013

I lived in Minnesota most of my life. In my 40s, I made a sojourn to the South and lived in Texas for a while. When I returned to Minnesota, I was disgusted by the lack of newer, affordable, housing in the Twin Cities (Minneapolis/St. Paul) area. In the South, they figure a home's value on the cost per square foot. I always thought that was as meaningful as pricing a car by the pound. HOWEVER... housing in the Twin Cities costs about 2 to 2.5 times more per square foot, than housing in the South. Moreover, the housing here is "old", and not of very good quality. Room sizes are ridiculously small, with $290-$350,000 homes having master bedrooms that are routinely about 12 x 14. In cheaper homes, the bedrooms are 10x10 and even 9x10. Those are closets, not bedrooms. Think hard before moving here. If you are looking for value in housing, look elsewhere.[read more...]

Hugo, MN

Looking to Move to either Oregon, Texas or Georgia - 5/23/2013

Guys, I live in Minnesota (manysnowta) and would to consider relocating to either Portland, Houston, or Atlanta. Does anyone have a good suggestion on either one? While there is crime anywhere you go, I would certainly prefer one with less crime. A good economy with great social culture for the Arts and outdoor sports will be great too, if available. Any ideas or preference will be much appreciated. Thanks, Justkool[read more...]

Minneapolis, MN

Minneapolis MN - 3/26/2013

Great place to raise a family. Plenty to do; culture; night life and nature. I think its biggest showcase is the lakes (Calhoun; Nokomis; Harriet and Lake of the Isles). Perfect for bikers, runners and walkers. Major sports teams to follow and a Big Ten university. Not too bad either for the foodies. Downfall; long winters, short summers and taxes are a but high.[read more...]

Minneapolis, MN

Minneapolis - 3/5/2013

The city of Minneapolis offers many of the cultural and intellectual attractions of a big city, but also offers the affordability and convenience of a medium-size city. We have the Guthrie Theater, major league sports franchises, the University of Minnesota, and many corporate headquarters. You will not find the equivalent in Indianapolis, for example. On the other hand, this metropolitan area does have its shortcomings. Public transportation isn't very good, the Winters are long and usually severe, and there isn't a great deal of ethnic diversity. The people who were born and raised here tend to not be socially inclusive. If you like to bicycle, from April to October, the Twin Cities area is one of the best places in the United States. We have an excellent network of bicycle trails and continue to add more. [read more...]

Minneapolis, MN

Housing a bit above National Average, But.... - 12/19/2012 with many metro areas, you have numerous micro economies of scale. And within Mpls proper you have a huge swing from north to south and even from neighborhood to neighborhood. This isn't a market worth navigating without an agent, for sure. [read more...]

Minneapolis, MN

Artistic Fire - 11/3/2012

Minneapolis offers a rich and diverse culture for the arts. Barriers based on race, ethnic or gender orientation do not have the strongholds here, as evidenced by a widespread audience receptivity and support---typically not seen in such places as Chicago. Talent and creativity tend to be readily and enthusiastically received, regardless of the "packaging". Minus such artificial restraints and political trappings, talent will go far here. However, this means also that the standard for excellence is high. But, in meeting this challenge, artists can expect to receive respect and support within a brilliant spectrum of opportunities. It's an artistic fire here that ignites the hearts and passions of Minnesotans. [read more...]

Minneapolis, MN

It's ok - 10/3/2012

I moved here from Chicago, and Chicago it is not. So if you are looking for big city, do not move here. However, if you are looking for a change, as I was at the time I moved here 7 years ago, then it's worth a weekend trip to visit before you move. I moved here blindly. So here are my pros/cons for anyone considering a move here. Pros: great bike trails, great for outdoor enthusiast( ESP if you like to hunt and fish), very clean, good mix of city with culture and outdoor activities, decent restaurants, libraries, pretty in every season, traffic is easy compared to other cities, major corporations based here. Cons: winter is very cold, difficult to meet people, people who grow up here never leave which makes it difficult to break into social circles, found it difficult to make female friendships, snow stays on the ground for many months-blanket of white, a little more single mindedness than I like-meaning people don't leave MN often to experience other states -which means they carry a superior attitude, not a good sushi restaurant in town, always very quiet-sometimes I feel as if I'm the only one in the city, don't let strangers in - will be nice to your face but Minnesotans can't handle confrontation-I experienced this on several occasions. All in all it was a good experience coming from Chicago. I always thought every city was like Chicago.:) [read more...]

Minneapolis, MN

Not great for young people of color, but plenty of - 6/24/2012

I will preface my review of Minneapolis with the following series of caveats, so you know that some of my observations may be of no relevance to you. I am a single "person of color" born and raised in Chicago. I moved here four years ago, so I don't have a lifetime of experience. Also, the majority of my experience here outside of work involves Minneapolis and Saint Paul, not adjacent suburbs. So based on my experience in the last several years, here is my Twin Cities pro/con list. Pro: If you are the outdoorsy sort, this is a great place for you. There are great biking trails and great places to enjoy water. If you like outdoor sports, the Twins' new ballpark is gorgeous (this coming from a guy who grew up going to Wrigley). Pro: It's a great place to start/advance your career. I moved here in part due to the career opportunities. Many major corporations either have their headquarters or a major corporate campus in the area. I've personally done consulting work for Accenture, UnitedHealth Group, Target and Ameriprise Financial since I've been here. There is also an excellent balance of industry lines (insurance, health care, finance, retail, consumer goods). If you're in the nonprofit sector, you're definitely in luck. There is a spirit of giving in the local workforce, and there are plenty of opportunities to put your skills to use for good causes. Pro: Cleanliness. My friends (all two of them) who have visited me here marveled at how clean the metro area is. People here take great pride in their cities, and the care they demonstrate showcases this pride. Pro: If you're into indie rock, this is a great place to be. People here rave about the independent music scene. I am not going to say it rivals Austin and other such hipster heavens, but I know a lot of people adore the local music culture here. Pro: The cost of living here is very low. You can get more bang for your housing buck in square footage in the real estate and rental markets. You have a wide variety of neighborhood options. Pro: This is an extremely educated, fit populace. People here take pride in living active lifestyles, so the time they get to spend outdoors is often pursuing physical activity. If you're into healthy dining, the co-op grocery store culture fosters a lifestyle built upon good eating habits. Pro: The art scene here outside of music is also very popular. There are several good museums (I am partial to the Walker). If you're into theatre, there are several well-regarded independent theater groups. Additionally, the amount of Broadway shows that have engagements in this area is staggeringly high for a metro area of this size. Pro: The public transit system is good enough to maintain a fairly green lifestyle. However, most people do prefer driving. Pro: The populations is highly educated. If you want to further your own education, there are plenty of options, including a Big 10 school in the heart of town and several schools that cater to working adults. If you have children, the schools here are quite good from what I've heard. Pro: The airport is clean and convenient. Pro: People here shop locally. Local markets, breweries, etc. are very popular here. Sure, there are plenty of chain stores and restaurants in the area, but for those who rebel against the overcorporitization (if that is even a word) of America can find a niche here. Pro: Minneapolis is a city of neighborhoods. Neighborhoods have their little quirks and flavor that people identify with. While it's not the same as New York or Boston, I'm guessing that's not what you're expecting. Con: Here comes the ugly part. People here are very provincial and hang out in cliques. Many have had the same friends since middle school, so unless you fit into a very specific niche social circle, it will be challenging to find friends. Con: The area is very segregated. People like to talk up the report from years ago that Minneapolis-St. Paul had the highest number of multiracial births in America. That's great, but there is way more mixed race procreating than mixed race marriage going on here. Con: If you're single, this is a challenging place to meet your mate. People here do tend to marry young and often with people they've known since childhood. Con: It's very hard to solve interpersonal problems here due to the non-confrontational nature of the culture here. Confronting a situation is often perceived as unnecessarily rocking the boat. If you're comfortable with a passive aggressive way of life, then more power to you. If you aren't, then fair warning, you will encounter a bit of culture shock. Con: The whole "Minnesota nice" thing has been well-documented here, so I won't go too far into it. But from what I've read, people hit the nail right on the head. Con: If you are a "person of color," even the most open minded people may treat you like some kind of sociological experiment. If you're a person of color and a transplant, your presence in the cities must be accompanied with an explanation. Unfortunately, a lot of the people of color in this area came here by way of the housing projects in major cities being torn down. Therefore, you're often guilty until proven innocent in social situations. Con: This isn't really a con, just an observation. The nightlife here is based more on dive bars where dudes drink beer and ladies (or "gals") drink wine. If you prefer more "urban" nightlife options that play hip hop music and lounge environments, your choices are pretty slim. Overall, I can objectively say this is a good place to live. However, before you move here, make sure you know what you're getting into and don't think about the winter weather.[read more...]

Minneapolis, MN

Quality of Life - 5/27/2012

Minneapolis is what I call a very negotiable city. It is very easy to get around by car. If you need to get to one extreme end of the metro area to the other, it is possible to do without taking the whole day. Taking the bus however possible will take more time. This is a great city to bike! It is beautiful with 4 distinct seasons. Tree lined streets in the summer, beautiful swimming lakes right in the city. Great arts, including visual, theatre and music and museums. Many options for schools, great summer programs for kids. In the winter we do get snow!! It can be a game changer to drive in the snow, transportation will take longer. But then again we have winter sports! City skating rinks, hockey, cross country skiing right in the city. [read more...]

Minneapolis, MN

Minnesota Nice = Passive Aggressive - 3/9/2012

Worst place to live ever! People are so rude! Jobs are plentiful if you dont mind working amongst complete jerks. Most are crazy liberal, vegan, and snobby. So pathetically self righteous. And of course their opinions are the only correct ones. Save yourself the aggravation and move somwhere else. The winters are almost as miserable as the people.[read more...]

Portland, OR

Health - 1/8/2012

Here in Portland Oregon I can not complain even though I haven't stayed long enough other states but still I think it's one of The best places to live.[read more...]

Minneapolis, MN

Poor cold losers - 12/16/2011

Yes- You are mad because somebody finally admitted the Emperor has no clothes. MN is a declining culture (statistics show people are leaving- more than coming there) of old school, Scandinavian, want to be's who will never expand to other areas of the globe. You are chained to your mental/emotional suffering of a hard-scrabble existence of 7 month's plus per year of arctic level temperatures. I am going to write a big, smelly book about this stinky place and it's stinker's which will be a bestseller on the NYT and make a million dollars off my suffering. Ex-Sheep-[read more...]

Breese, IL

television / internet service availability - 12/8/2011

Never been but may be moving ot the area ( currently unknown) - what type of televison and internet services are available? I have Charter know and like it - I do not have HD so I do not loose TV when it storms. How are utilities in general? Thanks [read more...]

Minneapolis, MN

weather - 9/10/2011

It can get darn right cold. I love it. Love the 4 seasons.[read more...]

Minneapolis, MN

Minnecrapolis - 9/1/2011

Mpls is still so overrated. Most people here have had the same group of friends for their entire life. There is no room for newcomers, (this coming from friends who were newcomers) or finding new friends after a certain age, if you moved or got divorced. The people are generally very reserved and emotionless, (I know, I grew up here-and left after 40 years). If you're not married with kids, you will not fit in. If you don’t attend church regularly you will not fit in. The taxes are really high, public transportation is almost non-existent; the weather is COLD for 7 months a year- every year- by cold I mean well below zero for up to a month at a time. Duck's freeze to the lakes cold. Faces freeze, cars turn into blocks of ice. In summer it's humid and sticky, and crowded everywhere in the MN frenzy to enjoy the short summers. The mosquitoes are as big as Volkswagens. Traffic gets worse each year- locals joke and says “there are two seasons in MN, winter and road construction”. Housing is old and expensive in the "good” areas (Kenwood, Uptown, lakes area, SW Mpls area). If you move out further to a suburb to afford a home, you will spend your entire life driving to and from work. In my favorite uptown (Mpls) area, the cities idea of "progress" was to mow down a 60 year old (well loved) historical bar/restaurant and build an I pod store in it's place.(RIP Uptown Bar and Grill) . The entertainment favored, is to walk around a frozen lake in the winter with a $5 dollar coffee gossiping, or the same lake in summer with a $5 iced coffee gossiping, only to be almost run down by a biker or balder. This place is LAME compared to other places. If you were not sentenced to prison time in this place, then you can leave ( I know most MN think that is not possible), if you can avoid moving here I would advise you to steer clear. Better places for your money. [read more...]

Minneapolis, MN

MN Colleges - 8/29/2011

The Minneapolis-Twin Cities area is a great place to attend college. Students have many colleges to choose from within a 10 mile radius, from public to private schools![read more...]

Minneapolis, MN

About The City of Minneapolis - 7/13/2011

Minneapolis is a wonderful city to live in. We have all kinds of cultural events and over 1000 theatre companies. Very open & liberal to all minorites. Within 6 blocks where every people live you will find lakes & Parks. [read more...]

Nashville, TN

Great place for Whites, but no minorites - 5/16/2011

The unemployement rates are low for white minorities, but very high for african-americans, asians, and other races. Discrimination there is worst than many places in the South. Please, refer to the census bureau website.[read more...]

Minneapolis, MN

Todd Captures it Best (in his 1/10/2010 Post) - 3/31/2011

Being born and raised in the Twin Cities area (mostly in Minneapolis), Todd's post on 1/10/2010 captures my thoughts about the city, area, state. Having lived about 10 years of my adult life in IA, WI, and TX, and having traveled to all but about 8 of the US States, I am by no means isolated from the world. Emplyoment, income, satisfaction, school quality, cost of living, and taxes are relatively high, but not sky high as some of the posts suggest. After returning to MN from TX, a relatively low tax state, I would say that I get more in return for my tax dollar in MN with all the public parks, trails, lakes, etc. MN does have a long, cold, and dark winter. It takes some effort to get out and enjoy the good days, but it's more of a mindset. You see it in the kid as they run out the door on even the worst just have to get out and enjoy all the seasons (and learn to dress for it). As for Minnesotans, it is true that many are standoffish at first, but you will make connections through work, school, church, or other leisure activities. Frankly this is true everywhere I've lived. The Twin Cities area has a relatively high percentage of transplants from other areas (because of the large number of Fortune 500 companies and the large University campus) so there is almost always an alumi association from your home state school. If you're eager to meet people, consider living in Uptown or Downtown Minneapolis along Grand Ave in St Paul, spend time at the lakes in the summer, join a winter season sports league, etc...these were the things that I needed to do when I lived away from "home" too.[read more...]

St. Paul, MN

Very, Very, Very expensive to live here - 2/22/2011

I will keep this short and sweet. High taxes, high property taxes, high business taxes, high state taxes, high income taxes, high gas taxes... we are drowning in high taxes that will continue to climb as the years go up. Food is off the charts expensive here. True, they do not charge you taxes on food, but the actual food costs are crazy expensive. They also do not charge you taxes on medication, but the double edged sword on this is the way over priced health care and insurance. They do not charge you taxes on clothes either, but you already know... there is an extreme mark up on the clothes. Shop at the famous MOA (Mall of America)? Yeah, bring your paycheck. Everything there has it's own special little mark up too. I am very disappointed at the summers here. They are hot and humid, granted they are not like Texas, but uncomfortable to say the least. If you think you are going to go out and play in the summer and play at Valley Fair or take a sweet trip to Duluth (why is beyond me anyway being that this city is really just an industrial town) forget about it! People here worship summer and everything is super crowded to where you cannot enjoy the time you have there and if you think that it's cheap... tickets at Valley Fair were $40 a person for an all day pass that you get to stand an hour for in line per ride... yeah, fun woohoo. Want to stay the night in Duluth.. lol good luck with finding a hotel there that has a vacancy that wasn't booked a year in advanced. Want to buy a house? I would really think twice about it before you did. Minneapolis/St Paul have many old homes that are made of stucco and have more of a mold problem than homes in New Orleans after Katrina. The term Ice Dam strikes fear in every home owner here and if you have a stucco home with a bad ice dam problem.. look out baby, you are going to get ripped! Expect to invest at least $2000 a year in ice dam removal along with you guessed it, HIGH HIGH HIGH Property Taxes. Schools here... what a joke! These people let the kids run the school. My child decided that she didn't want to turn the assignments in anymore and when I spoke to the teacher about why they didn't push the child for the assignments (as well as I did. I am very involved with my child's education and make sure they do as they are supposed to in school, which is why I know that they are not turning in the assignments), they simply stated that they feel that when the child decides to finish the work and turn it in, they will then grade it. I asked what about if they decide not to ever turn the assignment in. The response was they would not grade it, but give them another assignment that is related and go off of that grade... what? If I neglected to finish an assignment, I got a big fat 0. These kids get a second, third, forth or fifth chance to do it. Ugh! I don't care a thing in the world about the scores... I've noticed that my child has no structure and no incentive to do any of their work in school. My child states that the teachers will not do anything about it and they don't feel like trying. I hit the floor in shock! Minnesota is for some people and it's not for others. It's not for me. I come from a completely different culture and that Minnesota's political views clashes with everything that I grew up believing. I do not believe in spreading of the wealth. I work really hard for what I have and I do not find it fair to have to give it to people who wish to sit on their butts all day and collect. If you are thinking of moving here and you are successful in life, you will be drained of everything you make and save... fair warning.[read more...]

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