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MN Nice!? OK sure only on the surface not the soul - 8/7/2020
I Lived here for 3 years and I have to say Mn landscape nature biking etc is Nice lots of malls specially in Metro .Great Entertainment for sports it has NFL MLS MLB NBA WNBA HOCKEY so in that category it is awesome 5 stars. Concerts are ok could be better but good Food is ok could be better sure if you search you will find good places but not like other city's where good food is a rock throw away.The Cold here aint that Bad people over react it aint Alaska its just a hair worst then Milwaukee and Chicago.I have lived in IL and WI and I worked in both and in the job market I have to admit in MN if you dont have a degree or high skill you basically will be treated like a slave every where you work soo be aware of that work over load and pay is not that great doe not match economy here almost pays the same as Wi or IL but in IL and WI the dollar goes farther so Work Here in MN TWO Stars basically it sucks.My Opinion also MN is a lil racist I have personally experience more racism here Read More

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Our residents are Blue in more ways than one. - 6/1/2020
Disclosure: I'm 28 and have lived in Minneapolis or St. Paul for 19 years.

At this age I am maxed out on MN winters. They get harder for me every year. It is honestly 6 months of bad weather, October - April. While it might only be below zero or regularly blizzard-ing for a few months, what gets you is the lack of sunlight over that long period of time. January-February is usually where I lose speed. It really affects everyone's mental health. Everyone I know, even if they are very pro-Minnesota, gets darker (yet paler) in the winter.

It's comparable to an abusive relationship. When spring comes around, there is hope. You enjoy sun, lakes, being outside for long periods of time. It seems like anything is possible in summer. But then it's August, and the realization hits - You only have 2 more months until it all comes back.

Our residents are blue in more ways than one. (That's a political joke, and a weather joke, and a mental health joke).Read More

Great city, COLD winters - 1/14/2020
I'm 16 yrs old and have lived here all my life. Minneapolis is a great city and has all the typical big city amenities. The education is really good here and this is a great place to start a family. I would've given it five stars if it weren't for the cold and snowy winters. The summers are good here and dosen't get hot that often. The cost of living is relatively good for such a big city. Overall, if you're looking to move, i would definitely check minneapolis Read More

Not a Place for Me - 1/8/2020
The road rage is bad. I mean really bad. Every time I go on the road people are looking for fights. Cars Tailgate me eventhough I go the speed limit. Cars don't let me merge when the lane is about to end. And, for some odd reason, people start rolling eyes at me from their car for no reason at all! I'm just minding my own business and driving!

It stays cold for a long time. We have two season winter and summer. Winter lasts for almost seven months. Then there is Summer with endless mosquitos. So, if you don't like long winters and mosquito bites every time you go out, you won't like it Read More

Great retirement location - 1/2/2020
My family has lived in Minneapolis since 1910; first my great grandparents and then my grandparents. My father was in the military and we lived all over southern U.S. states; whenever he was sent overseas, my mother, my siblings and I would come back to Minneapolis to stay with my grandparents. After my dad retired we returned to Minneapolis and lived because jobs were plentiful here and my dad was still young enough to work full time. When I married, we moved around to a few cities, Milwaukee, Ft. Wayne, back to Milwaukee and we searched for a place we wanted to retire, mainly in the south. No city matched the Twin Cities (Minneapolis & St. Paul) for the quality of life we wanted. We are close to the MSP airport so traveling is convenient. There are high quality medical facilities here, including satellite Mayo Clinic offices. Housing costs are reasonable although, there is a shortage of some types of facilities at the moment. There is little wait time if you want to dine out Read More

Born in Minnesota - 12/3/2019
Pro:Career OpportunitiesClean neighborhoodsWinter ActivitiesFamily OrientedFine DinningLakesFriendly People (passive aggressive)Education Cons:Predominately whiteLong WintersShort Summers (not much sunlight)ColdSegregated Racists (not in your face but you feel it)High State TaxLots of SnowDaylight SavingAverage foodCold (had to say that Read More

My Opinion of the City - 9/14/2019
I've lived here for three years. I'm originally from a very rual state so I think I'm alittle biased because the city I moved from had a population of about 50,000. Overall I really like living in Minneapolis. I had been looking for bigger city to move to and of all the cities I visited I felt the most comfortable in Minneapolis. I don't what it is about this city but its a really easy and fun place to live. I was shocked to see there's cultural activities such as theatres and museums here. My favorite place to go is the Minneapolis institute of Art.
I was also shocked at the all parks and land that surround the city and that the streets are clean. Other cities I've been to that have the same population are not as clean. How modern the downtown buldings are is something I was surprised by. My first days here I would sit in park so I could look at the skyscrapers. I also like how easy it is to navigate and I think the public transit is good for a city its size even though I do Read More

Not an ideal place to live. - 9/6/2019
I’ve lived in Minnesota my whole life, 50+ years. The ONLY reason we’ve stayed, is for family, but that could be changing in the near future. There are WAY too many cloudy and rainy days, which makes it depressing. The humidity is always at 50% and higher, very uncomfortable and bad for the hair. There is WAY to much diversity, and it’s a very liberal place to live. Read More

Things just work better here - 8/20/2019
I've lived in the Twin Cities for six years, and plan on living here in the future. No place is perfect, but Minneapolis and St. Paul are hard to top.

I think it comes down to a culture of honesty and public-spiritedness. Minnesota has the highest percentage of voters of any US state and the local newspaper here is one of the only ones anywhere in the country that isn't cutting staff and going downhill. People here are well-informed and engaged in improving their community. Corruption is not a big issue. Conversations about local issues are civil and productive. Things just seem to work better here, and it makes you optimistic about the future.

You see comments here about crime and traffic, but if you go look at the pages of other cities, you'll see the same stuff. The truth is, the Twin Cities are safer than most and easier to get around than most. Crime is going down just about every year, and this city is the cleanest in the country. In terms of getting Read More

All there is to know about MN from living there - 7/19/2019
July 19 2019: Heat Index 107 F
December 29 2017: "Feels like" -23 Read More

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5044 Upton Ave S
Bed 4 | Bath 3

5908 Morgan Ave S
Bed 4 | Bath 3

3833 Elliot Ave
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883 Weeks Ave SE
Bed 3 | Bath 1

6048 Knox Ave S
Bed 4 | Bath 2

2201 21st Ave S
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5425 Emerson Ave S
Bed 4 | Bath 3


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