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San Diego, CA

Good for young, health conscious people - 4/21/2021
San Diego is a great city for some people. It's a great city for young, active people. It's a good city for people who love the ocean. It's a great city for health and fitness fanatics.

There are yoga classes in the park across the street from me every weekend. The farmers market has the most amazing produce. I'm charmed, on a daily basis, by the hummingbirds and pelicans. The trees and flowers which clearly inspired Dr. Suess make me want to be inspired as well (alas, my writing is limited to work emails).

For most people, it's too expensive. I make a good living but I'll never be able to buy afford a house that I would actually want to live in. What most people don't realize is that most of San Diego is desert. Once you're a couple of miles from the coast, it's hot and dry. I've no desire to live in the desert but can't afford coastal...

The art and culture scene is more in line with a city half the size. Same with sports.

The weather is nice but also attracts the homeless.

Traffic is bad but in a post-COVID world, it might be different. We'll see ;-)

Minneapolis, MN

Very livable! - 4/21/2021
I lived in Minneapolis (or St. Paul or Stillwater) for 20 years. Minneapolis is a very livable city. It has quality museums, good transportation, excellent healthcare, and the cost of living to the wages paid is really, really good. As a single woman, I could afford to buy a small but well-built house in a safe neighborhood.

However, most of my friends were also transplants. It's very, very hard to move from small talk at the office to true friendship. I lived in Minnesota for 20 years and never once called myself a Minnesotan.

Also, you'll get used to the weather. The trick is good socks and don't stay indoors once fall hits. If you always go outside, you'll adjust.

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