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"Best of both worlds"

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Yuba City, CA

yuba city calif - 9/12/2015

i love my town yuba city its small we have all kids of things to do like the peach festival and theres all kids of places to go fish and we people are friendly people it is a grate place to raise kids i should know i raised my three here . i use to commute from here to sacto i love it here soon to have a grand-baby and well my roots are here and if you like big town and loud noise move to sacto me i like it here and please dont talk bad about our town different taste for different folks ..love ya take care *sole*

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Yuba City, CA

Yuba City is a great place to live and affordable - 1/11/2014

I recently moved here to escape the VERY HIGH COST of living in the bay area (CONTRA COSTA Co. to be exact) I like it here because it is AFFORDABLE to all. It might be a little difficult for people who don't have a car but thats miner if you don't have need to go back to the bay area, internet access is all you need and your all good Starbucks, Walmart , Bed Bath Beyound and many many other stores are here for my shopping needs. Living here less then a year.

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Yuba City, CA

Yuba City Climate - 4/23/2009

If you like hot summers and relatively mild winters you'll like Yuba City. From June thru mid-September it gets over 100 degrees quite often. April and October are great - sunny and warm, but not hot. November thru February can get wet and overcast. Great duck hunting weather, which is real popular around here.

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Yuba City, CA

housing - 4/6/2009

housing here is a little expensive. Even a 2 bedroom home can average 70 to 80 thousand

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Yuba City, CA

Yuba City Sucks - 10/22/2007

I like living in Yuba City better than I liked Sacramento, but I want to get out of California period. I hate it.

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Marysville, CA

Yuba City - 4/24/2007

I recently moved to the area, actually Linda (under 10min to Yuba). There's plenty to do, if you like the outdoors. Lakes, rivers, camping and hiking trails are well within range of this area. There are usually lots of events, which are published on signs as you pass through Marysville. I love the area, not to crowded, light traffic, a nice change from Sacramento.

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Yuba City, CA

Arizona like Summers and Seattle like winters - 10/5/2006

Yuba City is hot and dry in the summer and generally wet and dreary in the winter. Overall I would say it is a 7 on a scale of 10.

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Yuba City, CA

10 years ago, rated in the 10 worst places to live - 9/2/2006

Someone made a forture getting Yuba City posted that way in that survey, but th e truth of it is, it still isnt that great a place. Its far isolated from Sacramento. Winters are prone to floods and levee breaks and often very foggy and the commute is dangerous. Developers ripped people off with the recent housing boom. How can a 2 story, stick & stucco box built 10 ft from the next have a price three times 7 years ago? Prices will fall here a lot in the readjustment & its not going to be an even worst place to be when it does. Roads are beat to snot, gravel trucks speed through the roads, breaking windshields, trying to shore up the levees. I am finally leaving here after a too long 2 years in state service. I cant wait.

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Yuba City, CA

Cost of living - 7/9/2006

Still one of the places with fairly reasonable cost of living.

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Yuba City, CA

Best of both worlds - 4/19/2006

Located 55 miles north of Sacramento, Yuba City offers typical season climates with cold, wet winters & hot, dry summers.

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Beale AFB, CA

Shawn must be getting paid! - 11/25/2005

If you are relocating to the Yuba City area, you are in trouble! Beside the somewhat closeness of Sac, Tahoe and SF there isn't anything to do there. I have lived here for two years and am still in disbelief of this place! It is to hot in the summer and rainy in the winter. I am getting ready to leave soon and intend on never returning. If you must work here I would commute from Lincoln (South) or west near Grass Valley. Good luck!

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Yuba City, CA

Where is Yuba city ? - 10/26/2005

Yuba City is easy to find. As the "Center for Commerce" in the Yuba-Sutter area, Yuba City is the focal point of a labor-rich region in the heart of California's lush central valley. This ideal location, at the intersection of State Highways 99 and 20, is readily accessible. Sacramento, California's capitol, is less than an hour away. The Sacramento Metropolitan Airport lies 45 minutes to the south. San Francisco is an hour and a half beyond, and lovely Lake Tahoe waits two hours to the east. Main train lines slice through Yuba City and its twin-cities neighbor Marysville, just over the Feather River. Yuba City and Yuba County both sport aviation facilities for quick air service. Executives also must ask "Is the site commensurate with the scope and goals of the corporation?" Again, the answer is "Yes!" Yuba City laid out the Town Center with an eye to attracting the right kind of businesses aimed at the future. The Town Center itself is spread over 26 acres which can accomodate up to 380,000 square feet of office space in a setting next to the retail section of the historic old town. Of course, the Town Center architecture has already garnered awards, and we intend to retain the same high standards as the business park fills up. But that is not all; we have designed the center to offer mixed uses, including a community center, child care facilities, a garden park and room to add support services. Still more importantly, we have not only given the business district a welcoming design, we have worked conscientiously to back up the business infrastructure with development programs that will sustain the businesses that locate here and help them grow over the years. As an example, we have placed the Town Center in a state-designated Enterprise Zone smack in the middle of a prosperous city that is the seat of government for the growing county of Sutter. The city and the county Economic Development staff have worked diligently to help local businesses realize the tax advantages that go along with the zone designations. They keep up with changes in the law and have pledged to maintain a cooperative partnership with business executives who locate here to make sure they capitalize on every competitive plus. After all, we're a "Yes"-saying town. One important question executives must ask is "Does the site already have existing facilities that can meet the corporate needs, or can one be constructed within reasonable time/cost/burea

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