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 Michelle Saona
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Star Rating 4/19/2006
Located 55 miles north of Sacramento, Yuba City offers typical season climates with cold, wet winters & hot, dry summers.



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Reviews for Yuba City, California

Greg Mann
Smartville, CA
I shop mostly in Yuba City, Ca
Yuba City has the best shopping near Smartsville where ...
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sole lopez
Yuba City, CA
yuba city calif
i love my town yuba city its small we have all kids of ...
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kyme woods
Yuba City, CA
Yuba City is a great place to live and affordable
I recently moved here to escape the VERY HIGH COST of l...
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Richard McCall
Yuba City, CA
Yuba City Climate
If you like hot summers and relatively mild winters you...
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Oscar Alcantar
Yuba City, CA
housing here is a little expensive. Even a 2 bedroom ho...
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april grindrod
Yuba City, CA
Yuba City Sucks
I like living in Yuba City better than I liked Sacramen...
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