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Kennesaw, GA

Kennesaw is a good place to raise kids. - 3/2/2011

Kennesaw - Here's a bit of our background to help in your assessment. We moved to GA from southern CA. I've lived in Kennesaw for 8yrs. We are a multicultural family with 3 kids and in our late 30's. Pros: *Good place to raise your kids *Excellent schools *Many open green spaces *Large, affordable homes with big yards *mild climate Sept-Jun *diverse population and growing/changing *lots of shopping (all major chain stores close by and then some) *low property taxes *safe, friendly city *historic "downtown" area that holds festival, farmers market, movies on the green, holiday celebrations etc. *newer libraries, schools, construction in general *30mins to most amusement parks & major attractions *5hr drive to gulf coast beaches (its what everyone does here) *10mins to lake Allatoona (boating, swimming, camping) Cons: *Traffic! (But that is everywhere in Atlanta) *no nightlife *hard to make new friends except for parents of your kids classmates *not much to do except shop *summers are brutal (July & August). It's not LA, growing city with many people from other parts of USA so Atlanta is still growing as far as culture and diversity, it is getting there. We would love to have stayed in the Vinings area but the schools need much improvement. It is better if you have the $$$ for private schools and the houses are more expensive, older & smaller.

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Kennesaw, GA

Cost of Living and opinion of the city - 1/12/2011

Overall, Kennesaw is "middle-of-the-road" with regard to expenses. I live in a two-bedroom apartment in one of the less expensive complexes and rent is roughly $850 / mo. Electric is between $100-125, trash and water are about $45. There is a lot of traffic in this city as a result of the numerous shopping areas and businesses. The Kennesaw Mountain National Battlefield Park is a wonderful place to visit, except it is very busy due to joggers and multiple recreation groups who frequent the park. Cobb County has an excellent school system. The protective departments such as the police and fire departments are a bit under-staffed, but they are good. Atlanta is about a 20-30 minute drive, and the north Georgia mountains are about an hour drive away as well.

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Kennesaw, GA

Very family oriented - 9/7/2009

If you are looking for a place to raise your family, Kennesaw GA would be it. It close to the Metro Atlanta area and you get that small town feel. Great schools and family activities. Not much by way of entertainment though.

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Kennesaw, GA

Growth - 1/26/2007

Growth continues to out pace transportation alternatives increasing time spent in traffic.

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Kennesaw, GA

Listing a new condo in Fort Myers - 8/1/2006

Georgia is a wonderful place to live because of the low cost of living, tons of cultural and entertainment/sports outlets, and mild year round climate!

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Kennesaw, GA

Kennesaw is a pleasant community on the northside - 7/30/2006

This area starts spring in mid-March and lasts to mid-June, fall starts mid-September and lasts to mid-December. Our cold season is mid-December thru mid-March... and summer starts mid-June thru mid-September. It is usuallay fairly comfortable here from mid-March thru the end of June and again from September thru December. The cold here thankfully doesn't come with snow... so even when it's cold we don't have to contend with shoveling snow. And it's rarely below 32. The most difficult time in Atlanta is July & August when the temp hits 95 & the humidity is over 70% - it feels a lot hotter - more like 120! so we tend to stay indoors, in the pool or on the lake! IF you like the outdoors you can play golf even in February! Sometimes it gets up to 65.. and very pleasant...

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Nutley, NJ

Townhomes in Kennesaw - 3/25/2006

Lookin for a great place to live

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