Townhomes in Kennesaw

 Elizabeth Hinson
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Star Rating 3/25/2006
Lookin for a great place to live



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Reviews for Kennesaw, Georgia

Cara Bella
Kennesaw, GA
Kennesaw is a good place to raise kids.
Kennesaw - Here's a bit of our background to help in yo...
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Michael Homer
Kennesaw, GA
Cost of Living and opinion of the city
Overall, Kennesaw is "middle-of-the-road" with regard t...
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Rutendo Katito
Kennesaw, GA
Very family oriented
If you are looking for a place to raise your family, Ke...
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Sharon Lemire
Kennesaw, GA
Growth continues to out pace transportation alternative...
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David Ionni
Kennesaw, GA
Listing a new condo in Fort Myers
Georgia is a wonderful place to live because of the low...
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Sydney Murff
Kennesaw, GA
Kennesaw is a pleasant community on the northside
This area starts spring in mid-March and lasts to mid-J...
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