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Atlanta, GA

Terrible. - 2/4/2020
I can’t stand it! Traffic is terrible! It is HOT and there are tons and tons of minorities. Please do your homework before moving here. Do it very well or you will regret it. That is the best advice I could give. I wish I would have.

Atlanta, GA

extremely expensive and racist
- 2/4/2020
This place isn’t racist

Kennesaw, GA

It’s awful! - 6/28/2019
Lived here for 15 years. Lived in Colorado and Missouri also and spent a lot of time in Southern California. I can tell you this place is terrible! Summers are long, hot and severely humid, it is very diverse (this may be a positive or negative depending on your mindset). There isn’t much to do for families. Other than the typical things that other towns have. Movies, malls, a festival in the summer in town but just not a thriving place. Schools are mediocre (The state of GA has one of the worst schools systems in America). The people that are rating it high are saying it is high for GA standards which would be true. As for the greater Atlanta area- traffic is TERRIBLE one of the worst in the country. The people that are natives from GA are not very nice. Do not think they are all about the southern hospitality or you will be very disappointed! I have often found them rude and slow... Just being honest. If you are planning to move here, I urge you to check it out thoroughly.
Pros- not many... but geographically speaking within 4-6 hrs of many beaches. The winters are nice, kind of like a long fall. Atlanta area is green. Kind of pretty with vines on trees in its own way. Not much else. I regret moving here. Trying to get out now.
If you “must” live in greater Atlanta I would recommend checking out Alpharetta or Duluth area possibly. I wonder if I would have been happier there but many of the issues I have mentioned would still be here.

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