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"High Taxes"

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Rutland, VT

quality of life - 12/28/2015

Rutland provides so many community opportunities, a rich outdoor activity selection, amazing school system and a community that believes in supporting and enriching our daily lives with supporting local individuals, locally owned businesses, and ensuring those who have made this area home, have a safe and enriching life.

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Rutland, VT

High Taxes - 3/4/2010

People think before you move into this area, they keep raising taxes and people are moving out of this area. Very expensive to live.

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Rutland, VT

Rutland, Vermont... not the place to be - 9/28/2008

Rutland is not a great place to live, unless you have alot of money and dont want to do anything

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Rutland, VT

Winter Snow - 1/26/2008

I have been here five years so far (2002-2007)and have found that snow in the low lying areas is rarely too much (more than 4" sticking)at any one time and when it does it usually melts away within a week or so. There have been heavy snow storms but rarely.

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