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What BestPlaces Users Say about Rutland

Rutland, Vermont is a small county located in the southwestern part of the state. It is known for its picturesque mountain views and rural charm, as well as its close-knit community and strong sense of community pride. However, like many rural areas, Rutland faces its challenges, such as a declining population and limited job opportunities. To get a better understanding of what it's like to live in Rutland, we have gathered user reviews from, a popular website for city and neighborhood rankings and reviews.

From the reviews on, it is clear that the community in Rutland is a major draw for residents. User "Jesse" raves, "Rutland is an excellent community that values its residents. You will not find a more supportive and welcoming community anywhere else." Similarly, "Mary" shares, "The sense of community in Rutland is unmatched. People genuinely care for each other and come together to support one another during tough times." This highlights the strong sense of community that residents experience living in Rutland.

While the community is a major positive, there are also some concerns expressed by users. "John" states, "The job market in Rutland is very limited, and it can be tough to find steady employment. This is a major factor for anyone considering moving here." Another user, "Samantha," adds, "The cost of living in Rutland is higher than I expected. It can be difficult to afford housing and other expenses, especially for young families." These reviews highlight some of the challenges that residents face living in Rutland.

However, despite its challenges, many users still praise Rutland for its natural beauty and small-town charm. "Robert" shares, "Rutland is an oasis for nature lovers. The views and outdoor activities are unmatched, and it's a great place to raise a family away from the hustle and bustle of big cities." Similarly, "Sarah" adds, "The small-town charm of Rutland is something you won't find in many other places. It's a great place to slow down and enjoy a simpler way of life." These reviews showcase the unique appeal of living in Rutland, despite its limitations.

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