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"A great place to live for drinking, liberal, young"

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Sherman Oaks, CA

Sherman Oaks, Ca - 1/20/2013

If you decide to live in Sherman Oaks, expect the following issues: 1) the drone of helicopters day and night 2) the passing overhead of 737s (mostly those of Southwest Airlines) 3) The background sounds of sirens and cars common to any city 4) Crime...mostly dealing with property 5) Coyotes coming down from the hills to look for stray animals each night. Despite all these things, I had a terrific two years living there. I loved my neighborhood south of Ventura. My neighbors were terrific. The vibe and the restaurants along Ventura was so much fun. If you like urban environments, you'll like Sherman Oaks.

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Sherman Oaks, CA

A great place to live for drinking, liberal, young - 10/1/2008

With one of the highest costs of living, The Valley is no place to raise a family. Hollywood goes on strike a couple times per year which has lost the economy several million dollars. Times are tough everywhere, but if you haven't yet moved to L.A. Now is not the time to do so.

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