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Think again - 9/16/2018
These reviews can go on forever so I'll try to pick out the most relevant negatives from my perspective and limit them to two big ones. Everyone knows about the traffic and the smog and the homeless and reading reviews like that get boring after a while because it's the same old thing. First, let me put it to you this way if you're a white middle-age person such as myself and you were to arrive in Los Angeles today would feel out of place most likely. I know that I did and still do. The demographics of Los Angeles are approximately 90% nonwhite. This sort of statement gets tricky and I was conflicting in writing it because people tend to not understand the distinction between prejudice/bigotry and bias/preference. For someone younger this mate not be a negative but for me it's huge. Growing up in a lily white suburbs somewhere back east and coming to Los Angeles is more than a culture shock its placing yourself smack dab in the middle of this huge tangle of squabbling minorities. Read More

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The Grand Illusion. - 8/8/2018
I was born in Carson California, grew up in Torrance, and Lived in and out (no pun intended) of Los Angeles. Moved away in 09/10. If you're thinking of moving to that place. It's a shit hole don't do it. Over priced living. I now vomit at the thought of even landing in Los Angeles to see old friends. They're the only thing that make it worth it,so.... Either way I can only stand being there for 2 days before I just need to get the fuck out of that junkyard.

Positives. The food... I think that's it.

Cons everything else.

If you have a home there. Sell it go buy 3 or 4 in some other state. Use the money from the properties you rent to visit California and laugh at your friends for overpaying for a house or apartment. Read More

Crowded and overrated - 7/7/2018
Lived there for 27 years. I just left LA for Lancaster, Ca. I worked in downtown and commuted from Boyle Heights. It was a 10 min drive without traffic (hardly ever seen that) but of course with traffic it was 30 mins normally. The rents keep increasing, the utilities grew along with it. There's always traffic everywhere you go. The homeless population is growing and the mayor does nothing. Everyone wants to be in LA but you have no idea what it is til your there. I miss only family other than that, Lancaster is peaceful and Read More

Unreal - 6/14/2018
Homeless living in streets. They protect illegals. Drugs needles and sewage in street. No money in public employee unions retirement account. Wtf you idiots keep voting traitors into office? Read More

HELL ON EARTH - 6/2/2018

Better then most - 4/1/2018
Crowds and traffic are not as bad as most major cities. Weather is great as well was entertainment options. Cost of living is medium- high compared with other major metro areas Read More

Could an American city be more overrated?? - 3/10/2018
Los Angeles is nothing more than a shithole! Luckily, the city hasn't fallen into ruins the way Detroit did...But, ONLY cos all the idiot celebrities bring in the money needed to support the idiotic policies of this state!

Do NOT live here!!! it is a state that caters to rich celebrities, hobos and illegal immigrants!

REAL businesses are run out of this state with ridiculous taxes, under the guise of helping people... DO NOT live here! You wanna be an actor/actress/model? Be prepared to take A LOT OF COCK IN YOUR MOUTH! Literally and Read More

LA LA Land - 12/22/2017
I grew up in LA in both the Redondo Beach and Eagle Rock Area. After moving out of state for college, I moved back and now live in North Hollywood. Hopefully not for long....

Pros: LA has some of the best food, night life, and attractions in the US-if not the world. The biggest acts always come to town. The beaches are nice. It's an opportunity to meet/ hang out with people from all over the world.

Cons: Literally, we have the worst traffic in the US! We spend 40 hours more a year than the average american in our car. A FULL WEEK. Google it if you don't believe me. Parking is almost always terrible and the public transportation is inadequate. The Real Estate prices are crazy here. The middle class is getting shafted! The Median home price is $500 K + for LA county, 2 X + the national average, even though we don't make anywhere close to twice the median income (only $5K more a year).

If you need constant sunshine and you don't mind rude, Read More

Crowded, Expensive and Full of Criminals! - 7/22/2017
I've lived here all my life and in the last twenty years L.A. has turned into an expensive slum. There are a few decent pockets, but who can afford them?.... My father used to tell me how nice Los Angeles was in the 1930's and I thought the 60's and 70's were rough, but they were nothing compared to now. It's getting to be just like in the movie "Bladerunner." This is my home, but I can hardly recognized it anymore. Welcome to L.A. the world's most expensive Third World Read More

Overrated, hell, and seems to only get worse - 10/11/2016
I've lived in the LA area all my life (grew up in west la/santa monica and live in orange county now) and I can't wait to move out of here. Unless you're extremely wealthy, it's not the hype that everyone talks about

Lots of job opportunities
Lots of things to do

Weather - I like cool overcast weather and 4 distinct seasons so I guess i'm biased but still, i can't understand the fascination with the weather here. From May - mid October it's incredibly hot and uncomfortable unless you're near the beach. It's hardly even cools down in fall and even when it does, it can still be sunny and 80 degrees during the winter. Also it's nice to have sunny days but when it's 95 percent of the year and there is an ongoing drought it's not that great.
Traffic - the city and surrounding areas are extremely overcrowded and just keep getting worse. New neighborhoods keep popping up and traffic keeps getting worse despite Read More

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