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"Santa Fe - Pros/Cons"

Santa Fe - Pros/Cons - 4/6/2008
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Barry, IL

1. Low crime rate
2. Lots of cultural amenities
3. Nice physical setting and climate

1. Huge graffiti and gang problem
2. Poor school system
3. High cost of living and housing
4. Unaffordable place to live
5. Rapid growth and sprawl

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Santa Fe, NM

Quality of life is good, cost of living is high - 12/18/2014

The quality of life is good in Santa Fe although you do have to contend with limited shopping and entertainment options. The traffic is low and the job opportunities are also limited. The cost of living is high and it's tough to make a go of it here.

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Richmond, VA

in answer to the cons of moving to santa fe - 8/4/2013

Rationally, I agree with many of the criticisms from former residents of the city different. However,like many of you my introduction was as a tourist, the main difference was upon leaving my first time, I found myself really crying at the thought of going home. From that point on, I've been there many months, even going so far as buying two and a half acres in Eldorado for only 50k, unheard of now. But I've found that the people treat me as I treat them. Yes, I've definitely picked up the vibe that some people want us to leave, and certainly the enormous wealth is disturbing. I lost my small plot in a divorce, and I only have two close friends but when I'm not in Santa fe, I am miserable. No price is too dear to wake up to those turquoise skies, see the mountains and walk the red earth. No, I'll gladly die in Santa fe. Sign me, former new yorker, soon to be former richmonder. They can keep this humidity, and talk about traffic and crime come here.

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Santa Fe, NM

Unsettled in Santa Fe - 10/12/2012

My husband and I moved to Santa Fe from suburban NJ nearly a year ago. I thought we had checked it out thoroughly and was excited about retiring here. While I know adjusting to a new place takes time, I am very unsettled here. Perhaps because so many people come her to re-invent themselves, they seem quite self-absorbed. I have gotten involved in numerous organizations and volunteer groups, but still haven't made friends. This is a very curious place. Despite the physical beauty of Northern New Mexico, I feel a heaviness here. It is also difficult to live in a city with so much wealth alongside desperate poverty. Public education in Santa Fe is abysmal and the sense of hopelessness can be seen in the dropout rate and prevalence of teen pregnancy. I urge anyone considering a move here to rent before buying.

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Santa Fe, NM

Santa Fe overall - 6/28/2012

Lots of sunshine, great outdoor activities, and a strong art and cultural scene make Santa Fe a desirable location, but under-performing public schools, a high rate of property crime and drug abuse, and expensive housing have younger residents looking for other options.

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Arroyo Hondo, NM

Traffic - 6/19/2012

I just left Santa Fe after living there for six months. It's a poorly-designed town, full of ugly strip malls and traffic-stuffed roads running helter skelter. Almost everyone I met was broke and looking for jobs with no luck. Decent housing was hard to find and expensive and the landlords were shifty characters out to make a buck on unsuspecting newcomers. My Santa Fe experience was a waste of time and money. I wish I hadn't gone.

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Tacoma, WA

I still love it...but - 1/21/2012

I lived in Santa Fe for almost two years (during 2009-2011) and although I decided to leave I still love that part of the country. The draw for me was and still is the surrounding pueblos and the mix of cultures that live within the city itself. The climate, high elevation and architecture are things I love there too. As mentioned in another post the excessive DUI and DWI's are appalling and real problems in and around Santa Fe. Another issue is that if you're of the 'middle class' you have to be really careful about which neighborhoods to consider buying a house in, so consider yourself forewarned. A couple of people told me when I was new there that Santa Fe either embraces newcomers or throws them back to where they came from and I became a 'throw back'. As a middle class divorced/single woman who works online and knew nobody there when I arrived I found it difficult to develop any sustaining friendships but I don't 'blame' the town, it just wasn't a good fit for me. Within days of my move odd, annoying and sometimes frightening things began happening and this continued throughout the time I lived there. Finally the clincher came and I realized that somehow I just didn't belong there and I left as fast as I could arrange to get out. I want to return as a tourist again, which is what enticed me to move there in the first place and when I do I sure hope it results in fabulous experiences and good memories instead of what I felt when I became a former resident.

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Barrington, IL

has it all - 4/8/2011

I've been visiting Santa Fe for years and continue to find it a wonderful place. Touristy a bit? Yes, in spots. Expensive? Yes, in many cases. Is it perfect? No. Personally, I haven't found that perfect place yet. I don't know what some of those writing negative reviews are expecting: no place this livable and attractive and culturally rich is NOT going to expensive real estate and restaurants. You have to decide what you want and what compromises you're willing to make . . . but Santa Fe has a lot to offer.

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Santa Fe, NM

How much QOL is enough? - 2/27/2011

If you are craving a smaller community that offers most of the amenities of a much larger community, then Santa Fe is the place to be. With fewer than 80,000 residents, Santa Fe offers dining, arts, and events comparable to many much larger cities. Recreational opportunities cover the seasons and historic/ cultural richness abounds.

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Santa Fe, NM

Santa Fe Climate - 10/29/2010

It's one of the best parts of living here. It's mild year round with only some snow in the city during the winter. Yet we have 12,000ft peaks nearby so the winter sports are here at the same time.

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Santa Fe, NM

Community College - 8/22/2010

Best education in the region

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Bosque Farms, NM

Santa Fe's beauty for tourists only - 3/15/2010

This city is unrealistic of the people that inhabits it. Most of the people here are struggling economically and the rich are on the outskirts striving to keep their idea of the city alive. There is no balance of good living here. The only part of the city that is attractive enough is downtown area and is only maintained for tourists attraction, but the feeling and the vibe of the place is not there. People are what makes the place beautiful not the buildings. When there is an attempt to build exclusivity in a very small space it brings conflict and disenchantment. This place has a withering identity like an old lady who can't accept has lost her beauty and youth and still attempts to retain it by all means and is in denial that is gone. Santa Fe beauty is at the plaza only.

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Santa Fe, NM

So expensive - 1/13/2010

I moved to Santa Fe from Springfield, IL back in 2006. I wasn't prepared for the daily expense to simply live here. Sure, those who make less can and do live here, but it is generally living beyond your means, read, "credit cards". Dining out is wonderful, choice-wise, but get ready to pay for it: a simple breakfast burrito can run from $10-$14. If you have wine with dinner, expect to pay an average of $150 for you and your partner. I'm sorry, but it's just not worth it. Yes, I love the mountains. I love being able to drive 20 minutes to the trail head. And I've tried it different ways: don't go out, eat at home, live "cheaper". It doesn't work for me. I feel that in order to truly appreciate all the wonderful things of this place - and there are many - you simply have to have some money. If you do, I highly recommend living here.

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San Jose, CA

How is Santa Fe for asthmatics? - 10/6/2009

My wife and I are looking at cities to relocate to because of my asthma. I was told that we should check out Santa Fe as a possibility. Any input?

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Scarborough, ME

Pros n Cons - 9/1/2009

We moved here from Maine 3 years ago. On paper, Santa Fe has it all over Maine. 300 sunny days a year, beautiful mountains, clean air, amazing scenery, bobcats and coyotes in the yard, dark skies with bright stars, great hiking, art, no mosquitoes, etc. Santa Fe is beautiful downtown as well, and we really enjoy the culture here. There are a thousand good reasons to live here. Here are the things to really and truly consider, though, if you are considering a relocation . . . 1. The economy is tight. If you are moving here for a job, make sure to look to see that there are ample back-up plans, because if it doesn't work out, it can be difficult to find a suitable situation. 2. Education here is terrible. The schools are underfunded, and despite the efforts of a great many dedicated people, the system is hamstrung. 3. Healthcare here is abysmal. I cannot tell you how many horror stories I have heard about our local hospital St. Vincents, or as it is know here, St. Victims. 4. This is a small place, and much of the population is transitory. People live here for a few years and then go away. So, we have found it difficult to establish community.

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Santa Fe, NM

The Perfect Climate - 6/11/2009

Santa Fe has what I consider to be the perfect climate. We have four seasons with no extremes in temperature or other factors. The two drawbacks are a very high altitude (7000+ feet) and very high housing costs.

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Santa Fe, NM

the real santa fe!! - 4/19/2009

i have lived in Santa Fe my whole life i was born and raised there and i love it!!! but some of the other comments about Santa Fe disturb me a little...people who are just seasonal visitors are making judgements about this little town. I'm sorry or happy to say Santa Fe is nothing like NY. we do however have one of the most unique cultures filled with deep history dating back hundreds of years, art galleries to even old Indian ruins. There's no big skyscrapers or a city that never sleeps. There's a limit on how tall our buildings can be. the cost of living is expensive and there is a poor, MIDDLE, and upper class contrary to what someone posted. And while driving in between cities in NM there is barren land not buildings and buildings. the people there can be rude at times but there are also ones that will bend over backwards to help. it is truly a place all its own.

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Santa Fe, NM

Truth about Santa Fe... From a local of 24 years.. - 4/16/2009

I have lived in Santa Fe my whole life and the city itself is EXTREMELY Unique and Beautiful and Vibrant with Culture. Definitly a reccomend for Visitors, however as far as living here, the truth be told Santa Fe is the kind of place that due to the People who reside in it can really effect you in a Negative way. The People are extremely un-welcoming, NOT looking to spark up new friendships or even new conversations, and can infact be very hateful and condesending (give or take the rare exception). I have spent most my life defending against thos who chose to dislike New Mexico as a whole, but after 24 years of living here I can't really disagree with those general statements, even after a few weeks in town I think most can agree the level of friendly-ness and even general kindness in just something like the hospitality industry is almost non-existent. It is unfortunate. It will always be home for me, but it is cursed with being the kind of place that chews you up and spits you out. Split between a very disgruntled lower waged class of people and a very snobby wealthy class of people... and probably makes for the poor quality of life. BUT HEY THE MARGARITAS ARE GREAT!!! Everybody has their place so give it a try and see if its for you, no matter what a review says lol :)

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Santa Fe, NM

Living wage: business is booming! - 6/15/2008

As a business person, my experience has shown that the living wage ordinance actually improves the bottom line, in that employees are more motivated and there's much less problem with folks not showing up to work (e.g. due to problems making rent, cars breaking down and not being able to afford repairs, etc.) and it has reduced turnover / improved employee retention. Moreover, it's just a better business climate when employees are happy; they have a better demeanor and attitude and it shows in their relations with customers. From a business perspective, I can say it's improved things in our city. More cities should consider adopting such ordinances. The Chicken Little "sky is falling" crowd who lobbied so heavily against it and out spent proponents 3 or 4 to 1 (but were still defeated!) can look around and see that the ordinance has, in fact, not "decimated" our economy as they claimed it would; Santa Fe is thriving! It should be noted that Santa Fe's living wage ordinance only applies to employers with at least 25 employees, so very small businesses have a chance to get off the ground when they are just starting out. I believe that is a good compromise.

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Santa Fe, NM

Fabulous People Drawn to Fantastic Places - 6/6/2008

In nearly 20 years of covering the regional art scene for various publications I've rarely, if ever, encountered someone less than intriguing with a compelling story to tell.

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Glorieta, NM

mountain retreat - 5/3/2008

Santa Fe is at an altitude of 7000 feet and surrounded by mountains. Most folks here don't need AC - a ceiling fan will do. Well, actually, due to some climate change, it is getting warmer here so there are a few uncomfortable days during the summer - mainly July - but adobe houses are designed to keep out summer heat and hold in winter warmth. I've lived here almost 20 years and have seen our mountains get less and less snow. Drought is always a problem and global warming will see it get worse. If you love dry climates, THIS is the place for you! NM averages 300 days of sun a year and there is almost always a breeze. Solar panels are everywhere.

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