Santa Fe - Pros/Cons

Star Rating 4/6/2008
1. Low crime rate
2. Lots of cultural amenities
3. Nice physical setting and climate

1. Huge graffiti and gang problem
2. Poor school system
3. High cost of living and housing
4. Unaffordable place to live
5. Rapid growth and sprawl



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Reviews for Santa Fe, New Mexico

Johnna Irwin
Santa Fe, NM
Great Mountain Sports, Art and Culture
Great for Art lovers, anyone who loves mountain sports,...
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Kay Verde
Simi Valley, CA
Living in Santa Fe....a realistic view.
I have read many comments about the high costs of livin...
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Leo Hollingsworth
Santa Fe, NM
Middle Class stay away
I'm a young/middle age, single professional who is midd...
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Barbara Griego
Santa Fe, NM
Quality of life is good, cost of living is high
The quality of life is good in Santa Fe although you do...
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denise pascal
Richmond, VA
in answer to the cons of moving to santa fe
Rationally, I agree with many of the criticisms from fo...
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Blythe Fortin
Santa Fe, NM
Unsettled in Santa Fe
My husband and I moved to Santa Fe from suburban NJ nea...
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