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Quincy, MA

Merrymount Elementary reality check - 6/20/2016

Where to start? The principal shouts rude things at parents and students and she often lies about phantom school rules. PTO members have quit over this person. Bullying is rampant and little but lip service is given to any complaints. For the kids who are bullied they will often be blamed for bringing it upon themselves. Special needs kids are especially targeted. Many school staff follow the lead of the principal and are also rude and petty. Everything about this school is geared towards the standardized testing. The month of June might as well be cancelled for how little they actually teach the kids. I think we had five field trips in the last two weeks alone. The physical building is too small, very old (1927) with a cramped gym/cafeteria/auditorium/after school space. Recess is in the back parking lot but not on the adjacent ball field. There are a handful of very dedicated people in this building but their efforts are undermined by tired "leadership."

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Hull, MA

the Culture of QUINCY - 12/18/2014

Quincy is a seaside community and has an approximate population of 90,000 people. Settled by Myles Standish and Captain Wollaston and established as a township in 1620,Quincy is the 8th largest city in Massachusetts. Quincy was the home of 2 US Presidents John Quincy Adams and John Adams. Statesman John Hancock also was born on Quincy. A seaside community with natural resources such as fishing and lumber. Granite was quarried and led to the creation of the first commercial railroad in the US. Granite Rail. Soon shipbuilding was a major economic driver employing thousands during WWII and beyond. Contemporary Quincy is a diverse community with a changing mix of races. Home values have increased 4 fold over the decades and is considered a highly valued suburb by virtue of its proximity 5 miles to Boston. Transportation options unlike any other surrounding town include The T, Commuter Rail and major highways all running through Quincy. I am proud to say I was born and raised in Quincy Massachusetts and currently work as a Realtor of Century 21 Abigail Adams Agency, my familys run business in Quincy for over 35 years.

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Quincy, MA

Quincy MA - 10/25/2010

Not a very bike friendly city but if you are willing to driver there are biking spots north, west and south of here. Lots and lots of Chinese food places but we have yet to find one that you would go to other than at 2am after a night at the bar. Other restaurants are hit or miss; lots of "grandparent-y" type places and a few decent pubs in the downtown area. There does seem to be a lot of programs for little kids though. I'd choose this city if you really want to be close to Boston without living in the city but there isn't much going on.

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Quincy, MA

General Info. - 5/5/2009

We have lived in Quincy, MA for over 20 years. Cost of housing is a bit lower than other Boston close-in suburbs. Public schools are OK, but could be better. Quincy has good access to public transportation. Crime is relatively low, but illicit drug use is increasing, which is fueling an obvious increase in crime. City government is typical for Massachusetts - slow to respond and strongly influenced by patronage.

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Quincy, MA

Good place to live - 5/10/2007

clean city and close to beach

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Quincy, MA

An OK place to live - 3/15/2007

Quincy's access to Boston is good but is an old city and a bit crowded.

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Quincy, MA

Transportation - 11/17/2005

No need to own a car when you live in Quincy. Public transportation is always close at hand. Remember "Charlie on the MTA?" We do have certain train stops where you also have to pay when you disembark. Busses available at Quincy Center (90 cents). The Red Line subway also makes Quincy Center one of it's stops ($2.50 buys two tokens) for trips to downtown Boston with changes to Logan Airport, New England Aquarium and area beaches.

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