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Massachusetts is known for its rich history, diverse culture, and top-rated universities. It is also known for its high cost of living and harsh winters. Many people are drawn to this state for its vibrant cities, quaint towns, and beautiful landscapes. However, living in Massachusetts may not be for everyone. Let's take a look at what some users have to say about their experiences living in this particular place.

Summarized user reviews about living in Massachusetts:
1. User "Tom" shared that he has been living in Massachusetts for over 20 years and loves it. He praises the state for its strong job market, excellent schools, and beautiful nature. However, he notes that the cost of living is high and the winters can be tough.
2. "Samantha" moved to Massachusetts for college and has stayed ever since. She enjoys the diverse food scene, endless entertainment options, and the sense of community in her town. She does mention that traffic and housing prices can be a challenge.
3. According to "John," Massachusetts offers a great mix of urban and rural areas. He appreciates the rich history and cultural events but warns that the high taxes and crowded cities may not be for everyone.
4. "Emily" recently moved to Massachusetts and has mixed feelings about it. She loves the charming New England feel and proximity to the ocean, but struggles with the high rent and lack of affordable housing options. She also mentions that the state can feel very crowded at times.

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Secondary education - 6/14/2015
Massachusetts offers exceptional college options from its highly regarded state system to a significant number of private colleges. Massachusetts is home to some prestigious schools, such as Harvard and MIT, as well as other highly regarded educational institutions. Colleges are primarily centered around Boston and Worcester, which has 10 colleges/universities. UMass Amherst, which is located in central Mass, is the state's flagship college among five different college locations. It is a highly regarded institution with a broad curriculum choice and does a substantial amount of research. the state's colleges/universities offer both a broad range of curriculums as well as specialized, such as pharmacy. Aside from CA, Mass is probably recognized as one of the country's best states for post high school education. Read More

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Massachusetts - 6/3/2015
Massachusetts, especially the Boston area, is a great place to live. Well over 50 colleges and universities within a 100 mile radius so the entire region is always changing with the new student population every fall. The challenge with the area is the cost of living which certainly is high. Housing drives the cost as well as utilities so if you are on a tight budget and you are not a student be prepared to scale back the size of your home or move way outside the city. Nevertheless, it's a great place to live especially in the summer months. Read More

florida - 4/26/2015
considering moving to fla naplles cape coral more interested in the gulf side would like to spend 225 pros and cons it is so cold here almost may and I have the heat on trying not to be right on top of neighbors lots seem very Read More

Berkshires - 2/9/2015
I have lived in the Berkshires since childhood! It's a beautiful place but times have changed and as you grow older you realize there is less here for you to experience! Well known for arts and theater the mountains and lakes are spectacular, but at this point in my life I'm looking for some honing different! Read More

Boston - 6/6/2014
We have great...universities,hospitals,museums,dining,convenient public transportation,history,people look out for each other,right on the ocean,fresh seafood and lobstah..

Not so great...taxes,traffic,parking,rent/mortages,crime rates,homelessness,shopping,winter weather,potholes, triple deckers or houses practically on top of each other

Just my opinion..I'm 43 and was born and raised here..but looking for a change from the hustle and bustle of a major city..I'm a litle tired of the rat race and noise..ready for a porch and rocking Read More

IF YOU'RE POOR MOVE TO MA!! - 11/14/2013
Great state to live in??? Anyone reviewing this state as a great place to live proves ignorance of people living here. Cost of housing totally out of control. Try to hire someone in this state for any services. Good luck if anything's done right!! Guess people out here are accustomed to accept poor workmanship on anything done. If something done to perfection, I always ask what state their from. So funny - NEVER from Massachusetts. State highways' median never groomed. Carolinas you see beautiful flowing flowers on your highways. As far as hospitality??? MA residents don't know the meaning of the word. Most rudest people out of any state I've lived in or visited. Great schools? For everyones info, yes, Harvard and MIT rated tops. Maybe because more than 50% applicants accepted not from MA. Know this for a fact - worked for a Harvard/MIT attorney who conducted the interviews. Grade schools and High Schools below par. Even in private schools - good luck. Teaching Read More

Massachusetts - 3/20/2013
Massachusetts may be cold but has great Read More

Living - 3/7/2013
I live in Everett, MA. Great city to live in, only 10 minutes to Boston, Read More

Amherst, MA - College town - 2/20/2013
Great culture, very liberal. Lots of nightlife nearby. College students from different areas during school Read More

Mass - 11/20/2012
I live the in the greater boston area and love it. It has all the season and is resonably priced for living. there is always something going on and it isnt that hard to keep yourself Read More