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Boston-Cambridge-Newton Metro Area, Massachusetts Reviews

The Boston-Cambridge-Newton, MA Metro Area is often praised for its vibrant culture, diverse population, and wealth of attractions. From the centuries-old architecture of Beacon Hill to the modern marvels of the Prudential Center, this metropolitan area has something for everyone. With two world-renowned universities in Harvard and MIT, plus a host of leading museums and historical sites, visitors are sure to find plenty to explore. There’s also top-notch dining and nightlife in every corner of the metro area. Whether you're looking for a casual neighborhood bistro or an upscale celebrity chef restaurant, there’s something for everyone. The region also has unbeatable shopping opportunities including designer boutiques and high-end retail stores at Newbury Street and Copley Square. Overall, those who visit this metro area have nothing but great things to say about it!

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love to love you, boston - 1/19/2023
lived in the boston suburbs since i was 6 and loved every bit of it! such a cultured and educated Read More

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If want gray weather come to Boston - 5/6/2021
Boston blows. I have lived here for 50 years. Super depressing the majority of the time if you like decent weather. Storms tend to stick around for days. Weather is gray. Moving to Cali in 2 years with my Read More

Lots of work in an unhappy place - 3/6/2021
I grew up in a big city in TX; have lived in IA, MO, spent chunks of time in MT, OR, WA, CA, and road-tripped all over the US.  I moved to MA ~20 years ago for work, and lived in Boston proper for the first 3 years. I remember the feeling my first years here, that sick knot in the pit of my stomach, surrounded by the unfriendly, unpleasant, rude, angry - and at best, repressed drudges - that seemed to be all around.  You can call it culture shock, but even going out to walk my dog I noticed that vagrants were kinder and more pleasant than most of the folks I passed on the street. I'd never seen such unfriendliness elsewhere in the US.  If I even made eye contact with someone while out walking, they gave me a wide berth or took it as a threat, a challenge, "what are you looking at?!".
Heaven forbid I actually *smiled* at anyone.  That's an indication you're a crazy person. Even if you're just having a good day, smiling to yourself, people look at you like something's wrong. Read More

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