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"Fort Collins is truly a great place to live."

Fort Collins is truly a great place to live. - 12/8/2008
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Fort Collins, CO

Fort Collins is great because of climate, location and of course, Colorado State University. This town is full of very active and educated people who have great respect for one another. The parks and bike trails are used by people of all ages. The median price range to own a home is around $230K but you can spend much more or less. There are some great micro breweries and festivals here.

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Albin, WY

the city - 11/4/2012

I love it diverse and generally good people . But with the good comes the bad[read more...]

Fort Collins, CO

Fort Collins is the best - 2/27/2012

Fort Collins is a great city to live in. Good housing, good hospitals, the best university in the State of Colorado and everything else you may need to spend your time - outdoor life, restaurants, entertainment, medical and vet care, great weather; second best veterinary school in the country. Fort Collins is definitely the best place to live. Person that wrote about the "stink" must definitely be thinking about the neighboring city of Greeley, an agricultural area where it does smell like manure year-round; not so Fort Collins.[read more...]

Fort Collins, CO

Love the weather - 2/8/2012

Fort Collins its a great place to live, nice schools, low crime, very expensive but beautiful[read more...]

Arlington, WA

Cohesive community - 7/18/2011

I don't usually reply to posts on line but have been scanning the Fort Collins site in a fit of homesickness... I loved that last comprehensive (and almost encyclopedic!) post about this sweet city. Very accurate in my estimation. I'm one of a bajillion non-natives who adopted Fort Collins as home and never, ever felt dissed or snubbed by the natives... as if I could even figure out who is native and who isn't. Who cares, is a better response to all that. To the contrary, Ft. Collins welcomes visitors, students, and diversity of all sorts. This is a small city that has a center and a cohesive sense of community - something so many places have lost in the sprawl of the second half of the last century, and something, I might add, we will all need again as the problems we have created in the world come home to roost and we have to again turn to each other for support and resources. I think Fort Collins is just about perfect for that sort of lifestyle - not to even mention everything already mentioned in terms of beauty, climate, education and culture, and outdoor fun everyplace you look. Oh, and if you love organic/healthy food you'll find it in stores (food co-op, Whole Foods, and elsewhere) and restaurants; your own garden will succeed here, too, with all the great sunny days. It seems I have not remedied my homesickness at all, now that I think of it![read more...]

Fort Collins, CO

9 out of 10 for its size. 12 yr resident. Comprehe - 7/6/2011

I'm going to try and cover everything I can think of... I have been a Fort Collins transplant since July of 1999. Climate - Beautiful 4 seasons, a few winter snow storms not usually with much accumulation - occasionally a few ft. but then everyone gets a snow day! Temps anywhere from 30s to teens... with occasional negative temps. Spring/Summer occasional thundershowers. Summers anywhere from 80s to high 90s with rare 100s if any. We have breezy days that cool you off when its too hot. Cost of Living - I would say its a little higher than average... Gas is generally about $.25-$.75 cents less than CA but about $.25-$.75 more than places like WY. Groceries are a little more expensive but taxpayers approved a 2.25% tax on groceries that contributes to that. (Speaking of taxpayers... they generally like to increase taxes for silly stuff like parks and recreation.) Rent has recently increased to a level that I consider too expensive for the area. A 2 bdrm apartment is about $900-$1200. (I can't tell you about home ownership other than to say the "rich" areas of town are around 300k and the lower end about 190k.) Utilities I consider to be cheap... coming from CA. Again 2 bdrm apt runs about $50 (frugal) to $100 (above average usage) a month. Crime- Generally not so bad for the population. We've had a few bike/car stealing sprees in the last 12 yrs. A few (major in my eyes) violent crimes. A guy that was entering open windows and molesting women one summer. Then there was a guy that posed as a cop and killed a girl about 8-9 yrs ago. He turned himself in. I know that sounds pretty bad, but seriously in 12 years that is the worst I've seen for crime. There are CSU college parties that get shut down by police sometimes, but in recent years have gotten better. We have many very nice neighborhoods with little crime and a few bad neighborhoods with more crime. There is some gang activity. If Compton is a 10 for gang activity Ft. Collins is a 2. And this behavior is concentrated in those few bad neighborhoods. Politics - I can never tell it varies with all the CSU students. But it may lean more towards democrats. Its close. Religion is mostly Catholic and Protestant. There are a few mega churches in town. The Latter Day Saints are thinking or trying to build a temple here. (I don't know much about it). There is an Orthodox church just outside of town. I think there are a lot of churches in town. Just about all major religions have a meeting place here. Transportation - One of my only Ft Collins pet peeves. No Sunday service and Mon-Sat is 6am-7pm. However, they do cater to the University... during the school year there are later buses but only to areas that have high student population. They've been trying to work on this in recent years but I'm still disappointed. They do have decent disabled services (although they may have made some cuts to it this year). Under 18 is free and Adults are 1.25 per ride or you can buy an annual pass for $154. We have a lot of bike trails and bikers in the community. Social Services - This is a great community for helping those in need. We have 2 homeless shelters that are tucked away and not an "eye-sore" as some would say. There are many social service agencies that help with many needs. Health - Excellent! We have a magnet hospital (not sure what that means LOL) but I have been there many times with kids and adults (I know a lot of accident prone people hehe) and they have always taken very good care of everyone in a timely manner. (even the ones who had trouble paying) There are many excellent Doctor's offices and even low income resources. Additionally, we have excellent disabled resources here. Education - K-12 Average to Above Average with a few free charter schools. Higher Ed - Above Average to Excellent. Community College, University, Several specialty colleges. Costs are reviewed by this website. Last bit... Culture/Recreation/Quality of Life - Excellent!! Horsetooth Reservoir 15 mins away, the best damn DOG PARK in the state of Colorado, awesome parks, a water park for kids, so many biking trails its sick. Tree City! We are a bunch of outdoorsy folks. So many outdoor recreation opportunities within 30 mins I can't list. Culture... I'm not as versed on. We have a newly remodeled arts center for music/plays etc. We have a dinner theater. We have more restaurants per capita than most other cities this size. I can't think of everything but message if you have a specific question on what we have here. Overall... I have lived in Santa Cruz/Felton, CA; Clovis/Fresno, CA; Auburn/Roseville/Sacramento, CA; Watsonville/Moss Landing, CA; Bremerton, WA; Reno, NV; Coos Bay, OR; and Millingon, TN. I've lived in crappy areas and nice areas... Fort Collins is the best place I've ever been. This community has grown so much in the last 12 years, but it has remained a great community. People are mostly very nice here(of course with all cities there are a few idiots) and its a slower paced city. Let me know if you have questions!! ~Laura [read more...]

Fort Collins, CO

Fort Collins - 5/8/2011

Nice place to live but it is very dry and brown in the late summer months.[read more...]

Fort Collins, CO

Will Never Leave once you are there - 4/13/2011

I have lived all over the USA, traveled extensively throughout my career and have intimate knowledge of most of the major cities in the USA. On relocating to Fort Collins about ten years ago, within about 90 days I realized I had found the area that I would stay in for the rest of my life. I could list superlative after superlative about the city, it's environs and it's people, but all you have to do is do an internet search on the city and you will find reams of material on the quality of life here. Ultimately, you do have to make the interactions with those you come into contact with at whatever level you are comfortable with, but it's easy if you try. Incredible city, incredible location, weather is unbelievable....recently 86 on a Saturday and it snowed on Sunday....but that is part of the magic of living here. Great school systems with one of the most educated populations in the USA, not a single area of the city would most people consider to be a poor area, let alone being blighted. You can't go wrong considering living here or relocating a business to this area.[read more...]

Fort Mitchell, KY

none - 1/11/2011

none[read more...]

Des Plaines, IL

Another POSITIVE review - 12/23/2010

I am really shocked at some of these responses. I am a teacher in Fort Collins who moved from Chicago and can't disagree more about the comments about rude people. Wherever you go in the world, you'll meet people who are rude, but that doesn't reflect everyone in the town. I can't help but notice all the people who smile and make conversation with you, whether at the cashier, waiting for an emissions test result, etc... People ask you how you're doing and are sincere and approachable. I have not had one rude experience yet, although I am not saying I will never encounter one here. It's just life... Life definitely seems less stressful and the sun is out very often, even in December. Yes, it does get cold, but we have SEASONS, which is priceless to me. If you want warm weather year-round, then FC is not the place for you. It's a modest town with a quaint downtown area and many things to do if you look for them. It's great for kids, and in my opinion, not too big or too small. You can always drive to Denver/Boulder for something different... I highly recommend this place! [read more...]

Fort Collins, CO

Quality of Life - 11/15/2010

Remember the old Norman Rockwell paintings? If you are over 50 you will see FC in that way. If you are of college age there is a good school here, Colorado State University. Fort Collins Is a great place to raise a family, lots of bike trails a vibrant and a revitalised Historic Old Town. Crime is low. There is a nice balance of old and young. I raised my children here, but, I am ready to leave. Not because of problems with the town, just with the winter. If you are arthritic the wind in the cold season will be a disrtaction. One last thing....Great Churches![read more...]

Fort Collins, CO

Fort Collins is a great place to live - 11/1/2010

I never post on these comment boards, but after reading some of the negative comments, I felt like I needed to defend my city! I definitely agree that one's perception of Ft. Collins is probably dependent upon where they're coming from. We're originally from the midwest, lived in Jacksonville, Florida for a few years and then moved to Ft. Collins almost 4 years ago. We LOVE it here. Have found it to be extremely friendly compared to Jacksonville. I think a lot of that reason is because people really feel lucky to live here. I got the feeling in Jacksonville that people just felt "stuck" there. There are a lot of transplants here and I think that makes for a friendly community because we chose to be here and we're away from family so we reach out to others quite a bit. Yes, there are the occasional pompous "NATIVE" bumper stickers around, but I've never had a negative run-in with a native. I have met a lot of them and I think it's a tribute to their city and state that they have decided to stay all their lives. The college brings some typical college antics, but it also brings a fresh, young life to Ft. Collins, as well as great bars, restaurants and shops. Coming from the cloudy midwest and the humid south, I love the weather most of the time. You can't beat the sun here. But weather is weather and it sucks at times no matter where you live. I definitely feel that Ft. Collins is growing, but I think they have some exciting plans for the near future. We live in a beautiful, older neighborhood that is walking distance to bike trails, a great park and even a couple of coffee shops. After 4 years I am still in awe of the mountain backdrop and can't ever imagine leaving this town. It feels like home. I wholly recommend this city to anyone who's interested. We ARE friendly. Although you may have to say "hi" once in awhile. It's a two-way street. :) [read more...]

Colorado Springs, CO

Trust the Wisdom of Crowds - 10/9/2010

It seems these forums are always littered with negative opinions of people who had one or two bad experiences. Trust the fact that Fort Collins is consistently rated as a top-rated best place to live among most major news/magazine outlets. There are crappy people everywhere...I'm mystified how people simply chalk this up to the town itself. Fort Collins is world-class when it comes to friendliness, affordability, quality of life, fun, and recreation.[read more...]

Des Plaines, IL

Fort Collins is a great place - 3/23/2010

Although I have only visited FC, I have family there that I have visited and cannot disagree more with the statements I have read here. Why all the negativity? Fort Collins is definitely one of the friendliest and safest towns you'll find. I think so much of perception is based upon choices. For example, if you spend time getting to know your neighbors and being friendly yourself, others will return the gesture. Also, one or two bad experiences reflect human beings more than a place. You will find nasty people everywhere. From what I can say, FC is a great place to live. It is very beautiful, spacious, has plenty of outdoor activities, things to do with pets, family-friendly, and has a nice downtown. People seemed to be happy and much less stressed out than in Chicago. Pace of life is a little bit slower, but not that slow. There are still major technological companies out there (i.e. HP, Intel, etc...). I say thumbs up all the way! I can't wait to move there.[read more...]

Des Plaines, IL

Positive review - 3/23/2010

I was reading the reviews on here, and although I have only visited (plan to live in FC starting July), I had to comment that through my personal experience and from talking to relatives who live in FC, it is def not a "rude" place. In the parks, stores, and just around the neighborhood, everyone said hello to me in passing and seemed very friendly and approachable. It is a spacious and beautiful quaint town with a nice downtown and endless recreational activities. If you love dogs, it is the place to be. [read more...]

Phoenix, AZ

Sad to hear of another pretty place with such ugli - 10/2/2009

I wonder if the people that are so rude ever consider that it is not just their state that pays for their social security checks, etc. when it is time to retire or disability happens. If it was it would be much less and they wouldn't be able to afford to live there either. My husband and I took a job in another beautiful place with ugly attitudes and were promoted right to the top. But decided not to stay anyway. There are days I wish we would have just to look out for the newcomers and give the locals a taste of their own culture but we are better than than that and wouldn't want our children raised around other children that behave that way because thats' not a good example of functioning in society. That's disfunctioning in society:)[read more...]

Cody, WY

Good areas bad areas - 5/3/2009

My wife and I are moving to Fort Collins in the fall of 2009 so that she can go to graduate school at CSU. I was wondering if anyone could tell me where some good places to look for apartments are (good area, bad area) and what construction jobs are like there right now, thanks.[read more...]

Fort Collins, CO

Not a friendly place - 4/29/2009

I moved to Fort Collins, CO in September of 2008 as a job transfer. I have lived all over the southern United States and I have found CO to be one of the most unfriendly places I have ever been. It is unquestionably beautiful here, the climate is great, the views are great and there are lots of recreational things to do. But I have never in my life had such a difficult time connecting with people. They just seem to have the attitude that if you're not from here, you're not welcome. So after only a scant 8 months in the area, I've decided to move back to the South, where people are actually nice and welcome you into a community.[read more...]

Fort Collins, CO

Cost of Living - 4/9/2009

PLease supply the cost of living for this area![read more...]

Fort Collins, CO

Fort Collins, CO - 4/1/2009

This is a great place to live if you're a hermit. Don't plan on being welcomed by the locals. They are very threatened by us "transplants." If you don't need to make a living and don't want a social life, then this place is for you![read more...]

Fort Collins, CO

Fort Collins great place to live - 12/12/2008

Living in Fort Collins is great. People is very friendly and kind. The city is very clean and has a lot of parks well maintance. It is just one hour from Denver where you can find more things to do[read more...]

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