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Fort Collins, CO

the train... - 12/13/2021
There is a high cost of living in all of Colorado, and there is a train that runs through the town a honks its horn for about 5 min straight which is very annoying especially at 3 AM. That is why the city loses 2 star IMO. Other than that it is a very fun place to be, friendly people, good weather, feels safe, lots to do.

College Station, TX

A Town for Texas A&M - 12/13/2021
A Huge portion of you liking this city is if you like the Aggies. If you don't this is probably not the place for you because many of the things to do are based around A&M. A&M has a student pop of about 60-70k students so there are a lot of them here. I lived here for 5 years as a student and loved it there. While living there I worked at a high school as well and asked some of my students what they thought of living here and they said that sometimes their high school experiences can be overshadowed by the college students which I could definitely understand happening. Something to think about if you are moving here with kids.

Friendswood, TX

very safe but maybe considered boring - 12/13/2021
I grew up here and this is a very safe but maybe considered boring place by some. There are a lot of fun thing close by that you can do. Challenger 7 park, Galveston, Houston, Huntsville State Park, to name a few.

San Antonio, TX

The most underrated big city in Texas - 12/13/2021
I lived here for 2 years out of college. In my opinion San Antonio is the most underrated big city in Texas, possibly the country. For a big city the traffic is not bad, especially compared to Dallas, Houston, and definitely Austin. The cost of a house is very reasonable with you being able to get a pretty good home for 250k. There is a great downtown, cultural, food, and outdoor scene. Close to many state parks, close to rivers for tubing in the summer, not to far from Austin for access to all the Austin amenities. I feel as a young professional people often forget about this city even though it has much to offer.

My one warning is that there are definitely parts of the city that are not very safe (south and east) so I would avoid living there.

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