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Pensacola Florida Climate - 8/7/2007
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Pensacola, FL

Most everyone believes that all of Florida is hot and humid all year long. Surprise ~*~ Northwest Florida along the panhandle actually has 4 seasons. The months of June, July and August are the most humid. As September rolls around, the humidy begins to dimish into a gorgeous fall atmosphere. The Gulf of Mexico is warm enough to swim in through the early part of November. Early morning walks reveal gorgeous sunrises, pools of water with sea shells to sort through as the Herons watch curiously.

December actually brings cool weather. Some nights can get as low as 20 degrees, the day temperature hovers an average of 40 or higher. On clear, crisp evenings the stars sparkle like diamonds. With little light pollution, especially on the west side of Pensacola, one feels as though a star or a planet can be plucked from the sky.

As March turns the calendar, the feeling of spring abounds. With little humidity day or night, long walks on white sandy beaches give a feeling of peace and security. Sunsets are incredibly beautiful. In a cloudless sky the sun becomes a huge orange and yellow ball sitting on the horizon before it sets.

Which brings us back to June, the beginning of Hurricane season. Years can go by without any storms but, one never knows. The one good thing about hurricanes (if there is such a thing) is the amount of time we have to prepare to leave or stock up on food and supplies to stay.

If you are looking for paradise without going to the "islands" this is it!

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Pensacola, FL

Pensacola - 1/20/2014

Pensacola is nice - alot of history - downtown has alot of activities & its right on the water - Just dont care for the humidity ..[read more...]

Destin, FL

An Up-N-Comer - 5/11/2013

Although it has always been more of a transient town due to the large inundation of military folk, Pensacola's younger generation has started to make great strides with making Pensacola a great place, regardless of your background. Furthermore, city leaders have invested an incredible amount of their time and money in order to make selfless contributions to the city. Expect great things from Pensacola in the near future![read more...]

Anchorage, AK

Anchorage AK - 9/24/2012

Great in summer and beautiful but cold in winter.[read more...]

Tallahassee, FL

The real truth about Pensacola - 2/7/2012

I grew up in Pensacola and i know all about the crooked politics but at the same time they are crooked because they do not comprehend how to fix the crime and industry. These politicians are called corrupt due to their always being concerned about beach industries. It is an OLD city and being that all of the big money is OLD money. This OLD money refuses to allow outside progress to occur if they cannot control it. In the late 80's Busch inc tried to offer to clean up the extremely large and polluted property that the paper mill rests on. They wanted to open a bottling plant and another theme park. All creating extreme job opportunities and much positive movement for the local economy. But the people who are the OLD money control the politics and hold the true decision making ability. I have not told you about the most important thing about Pensacola. The crime is more in depth than you could ever comprehend! I have traveled all over the world except Asia and have never seen anything like it. You see all of the smuggling that is shipped in from South Florida coming from the Haitians, Orientals, Cubans, Russians, and Jamaicans either have to go through Jacksonville interstate or Pensacola interstate. And these people don’t want the attention that is acquired by going through Jacksonville. Well when these drug lords come through Pensacola they see all the potential for business success and a good posibility that you will get away clean even for murder. So they stay in Pensacola and feed off of the good peoples weaknesses. Hints why the missing persons, murders, robberies, and other crime annual reports are so unbelievably high. This is a good place if you’re willing to make the best of it and now how to handle yourself in difficult situations. It is definitely a place you will get killed in if you don’t avoid certain people +places. As for business if you dont own it then dont bother. Private industry is the basically the only profitable industry. One other thing if you have children whatever you do DO NOT put them in public school. Seek private assistance. This is a place that will make you or brake you when your young. I would say around 25-30% of the people i grew up with are either dead, in jail, or on their way.[read more...]

Pensacola, FL

Beaches and Bugs - 12/26/2010

I have lived throughout florida, and have found the months of march/april/ and early may, the best months.There is a lull after the cold,humid,cloudy,windy winters days and before the intense heat and biting insects, make life outdoors unbearable.The sand on the beaches as of the first week of june are scalding to walk on at the beach, and the yellow flies,fire ants,fleas,scorpions,etc. bite and several types of bugs, leave scars after their bites.The gators and poisonous snakes also come out and you have to be very careful where you go, and what you do. Needless to say, I hightail it to the gorgeous state of New Mexico (mountains), for their 75 degree summers, low humidity, etc. Am truly considering making that a permanent change, as florida has suffered the eco-disaster of the BP oil mess recently, and now the waters are full of Benzene, and the seafood is inedible for the long-term, since the oil is settled on the bottom of the Gulf.....Nothing like being chased around the map by environmental disasters......[read more...]

Pensacola, FL

missed potential - 8/17/2010

Nice beaches, no education, bribery in politics, no taxes so no law enforcement, no upgrades in pollution control, lots of murder, drugs, people here turn a blind eye to others needs, pollution breeds greater ignorance, very low income, 15-30K avg, my best friend's daughter just raped by the campus police officer, there is a need for clear thinking but because no money, no one wants the responsibility. A lot of religion fanatics, I have been here 15 years. and am hoping for a change. Do not move here without a clear purpose. [read more...]

Pensacola, FL

Affordable place to live - 5/12/2010

I live in Pensacola for over 30yrs and the city used to be one of the affordable places in Florida. After huricane Ivan it changed for the worst. Property taxes and insurance went up, County, city taxes/fees increased or added and jobs were lost due to base closures or downsizing. However, there are still some pros about the place like good weather, water fun activities and nice white sandy beaches that might hold me around for at least the next five yrs before I start looking for greener pastures. [read more...]

Gulf Breeze, FL

Pensacola Beach - 2/22/2010

I must agree that Pensacola is a dying town and the crime is the same as in any large city and the beach is bad too. Living at Pensacola Beach means you pay to lease the lot your house is on and then pay property taxes,but you do not get title to your house or the lot. When a storm destroys your home, the Santa Rosa Island Authority tells you that you must rebuild (out of your own pocket)exactly prior to the storm. The Santa Rosa Island Authority will make decisions for "improvement" which means some contractor the SRIA hires destroys your yard and driveway. You are always told that everything will be replaced,Ha. During Blue Angel weekend, people park their cars in your yard. They throw their trash in your yard, they tear up your yard when they leave drunk. You have to replace water sprinklers and pick up their trash. One weekend in May, some graduates of a Mobile highschool come to the beach and they bring guns and drugs. They wander the neighborhoods and wander into your yard. A friend of mine was in his garage when 2 of these kids just walked right into his garage and became physical. Two other friends were sent to the hospital because 3 of these kids severely beat them up over on the boardwalk. Now a lot of these stories do not get told, because the majority of the kids from Mobile are Africian American and the people getting attacked are white. But the beach residents are not protected and if you want to protect your property, you must hire police yourself. The property values are so bad that you can't sell. If the property values every rise, we are selling and leaving the state of Florida. The state of Florida is very close to Calafornia in that this state will be bankrupt soon. Take my advice, don't move to Pensacola and if you have to move here, avoid buying anything on the beach.[read more...]

Gulf Breeze, FL

GREAT PLACE TO LIVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! - 12/14/2009

i was born and raised in this small town but it is an amazing place to live and raise a famil. i HIGHLY advise you to move their and see for your self[read more...]

Pensacola, FL

Crime and Homeless have taken over Pensacola - 6/6/2009

I have been living here since 2001. The homeless problem has aways been bad here. But after hurricane Katrina the homeless people and crime has become very bad. Pensacola use to be a nice place to live, but with almost daily shootings, rapes, break in's and the list goes on. I am working towards getting out of this city. If I wanted this much crap I would of moved to New Orleans. Hard to go any place without some homeless clown asking for a hand out. Gangs are here and the list goes on. Property taxes are ultra high. If you live in the city limits you should see all the extra taxes the city adds on to your utility bills. Jobs are hard to find and most will pay min wage.[read more...]

Pensacola, FL

Big Town / Small City - 5/22/2009

Pensacola is a great place to live. The weather is great almost all year and winter only lasts 6-8 weeks. The cost of living is low. We have cultural sites and events both in Pensacola and within easy commute. Pensacola has the feel of a town but the variety of a city.[read more...]

Pensacola, FL

The Emerald Coast is a Beautiful Place to Live and - 10/4/2008

Pensacola is well known for having the whitest sand on the beach, but what Pensacola isn't as well known for is the wonderful bay available for water recreation. I believe Pensacola Bay rivals the more well known sailing destinations such as Annapolis, MD and Charleston, SC. Boating is a great way to spend time as a family and Pensacola offers many places to anchor for lunch or the entire night. You can sail, fish, ski, and just plain enjoy the wonderful body of water we have called Pensacola Bay.[read more...]

Lillian, AL

Small town. - 9/8/2008

Expect "good ole boy" politics and thinking. Right wing culture. If that's your thing, great. If not, stay away.[read more...]

Pensacola, FL

Changes Needed to Control Crime - 8/12/2008

The crime rates in Pensacola are way above average for the United States. New leadership is needed to abolish the "good ole boy" politics and increase the effectiveness of the police forces.[read more...]

Pensacola, FL

World's Most Beautiful Beaches . . . - 8/2/2008

. . . but that's about it.[read more...]

Pensacola, FL

Nice but backward - 7/6/2008

Pensacola has some of the best beaches I have ever seen. Not only that they are very accessible by the public. Compared to other beaches in Florida there are none better. However the city really has the character of Alabama. Education levels are not that high and there are no jobs. Tourism is the only industry. There is no reason to move here unless you are a beach bum of want a poor house and a low cost of living.[read more...]

Pensacola, FL

The Least Expensive Florida Waterfront Community - 4/1/2008

For years 17.5 to be exact I watched real estate values in this community. Our median price for a home here for the 1st quarter of 2008 is $155,565. there is no other waterfront community that offers so much for so little. Arts, Theater, Symphony, Festivals, Sports, Beaches and oh yes did I say BEACHES! When I arrived here in 1991 Dr Beach rated Perdido Key State Beach as th 2nd best beach in the US ... well the first was in Hawaii .. a bit to far for me to travel or live.[read more...]

Pensacola, FL

It may look nice, but think twice! - 2/26/2008

I originally moved to Pensacola to attend the University of West Florida. Upon graduating I couldn't find a job that would offer more than $9-$11/ hour without being obligated by signing a contract.The city itself offers nothing unless you are looking to retire and aren't looking for a career that offers stability and the possibility of you not having to work two jobs for the rest of your life. There is nothing fun for children to do and the only thing teenagers have to do is walk around the mall. Most of the university's professors are grad students and for those who aren't they are only there because they're tenured and are waiting to retire. In most of the college departments the classes are a breeze and the most you have to do to pass a class is show up and copy and turn something in. It may sound good to some, but not if you want to learn and are planning to become successful in whatever field of study. Competence is a major issue that affects the entire city and every entity that it is composed of![read more...]

Pensacola, FL

Pensacola is a dying town - 2/17/2008

I have lived here for forty years, and I used to promote and brag about this city every chance I got. But, within the past ten years, manufacturing and industry has withered away, public education has become embarrasingly pathetic, and the only thing our community leaders care about is the freakin' beach and drawing in more tourists. Well, mother nature hired Hurricane Ivan to put a hit on us, and it did. The beach just isn't what it used to's especially smaller. The only new jobs coming here are drug stores, call centers, dollar stores, nail salons, and check-cashing stores. This is not a good place to raise children, but if you are looking for a cheap place to retire and your nest is empty, then you will probably love it here...lots of bingo parlors. This city has tremendous potential, especially the downtown area. There is a natural-deep water port that is being shunned by corporations because of our city leaders. This city has a lot of history that goes unpromoted and a lot of future that is going to waste. All Pensacola needs is young, strong, forward-thinking leaders to replace the "good-ole' boys" we currently have running this city, and this would be one of the greatest cities in America.[read more...]

Pensacola, FL

recreation - 9/28/2007

sits on the gulf of mexico. magnificent beaches. great weather.[read more...]

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