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 Nancy Bristow
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Star Rating 8/7/2007
Most everyone believes that all of Florida is hot and humid all year long. Surprise ~*~ Northwest Florida along the panhandle actually has 4 seasons. The months of June, July and August are the most humid. As September rolls around, the humidy begins to dimish into a gorgeous fall atmosphere. The Gulf of Mexico is warm enough to swim in through the early part of November. Early morning walks reveal gorgeous sunrises, pools of water with sea shells to sort through as the Herons watch curiously.

December actually brings cool weather. Some nights can get as low as 20 degrees, the day temperature hovers an average of 40 or higher. On clear, crisp evenings the stars sparkle like diamonds. With little light pollution, especially on the west side of Pensacola, one feels as though a star or a planet can be plucked from the sky.

As March turns the calendar, the feeling of spring abounds. With little humidity day or night, long walks on white sandy beaches give a feeling of peace and security. Sunsets are incredibly beautiful. In a cloudless sky the sun becomes a huge orange and yellow ball sitting on the horizon before it sets.

Which brings us back to June, the beginning of Hurricane season. Years can go by without any storms but, one never knows. The one good thing about hurricanes (if there is such a thing) is the amount of time we have to prepare to leave or stock up on food and supplies to stay.

If you are looking for paradise without going to the "islands" this is it!



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