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"Texas Gulf Coast Living Still Affordable"

Texas Gulf Coast Living Still Affordable - 8/24/2006
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Corpus Christi, TX

Corpus Christi Texas is one of the best kept secrets in the United States.
If you or anyone is interested in waterfront property that is still affordable this is the city to really consider. Over the next two years the coastal bend is going to boom. The addition of Packery Channel is just the start for this laid back Gulf Coast community. Packery Channel gives Corpus direct access to one of the best deep sea fishing areas in the U.S.

Brad Padgett
Re/Max Metro Properties
5242 Holly
Corpus Christi, Tx. 78411

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Corpus Christi, TX

corpus christi - 3/17/2014

i live in corpus christi its up and coming but..really slow progress..taxes are high... its ok... [read more...]

Portland, TX

New resident - 2/22/2013

The Corpus Christi area is a great place to live, especially if you like the water. This is one of the best fishing areas in the country. Most beaches are accessable to the public becsuse they are considered public highways. The area enjoys a strong economy mainly because of the booming oil business. The Port of Corpus Christi is the tenth busiest in the country. I have heard criticism from outsiders that the area is poluted by industry, however I neither see nor smell any evidence to support that statement. On the contrary, fish and birds are abundant and no prohibition on eating fish from the bay exists. Downside, humidity is usually around 80% most days and temps range from low 50's in the winter to the 100's in the summer. Stay in the shade and the wind will keep you cool. Average wind speed is 12 mph. Dining here is relaxed and casual, jeans and boots. Seafood is abundant, BBQ has it's own local flare and the TexMex is worth the drive.[read more...]

Corpus Christi, TX

A City That Could .... - 8/5/2012

Corpus Christi is a great city that has never really seen its potential. Infrastructure is crumbling but the citizens are addressing that issue now and over the next 25 or so years. Weather is only insufferable three months out of the year and the rest is great. Wind does blow all the time but you get used to throwing away the hair spray and just let Mother Nature give you the style of the day. Corpus Christi is really great for those that like hunting, fishing, windsailing, and the beach. Golf courses are nothing but goat ranches. If you look hard and listen to the locals there are some really good restaurants in town. Plenty of health care with what seems like a hospital on every corner. One even specializes in children and actually serves all of South Texas. Cost of living is below the national average but the neighborhood and design selection of homes are limited. Not enough mid to high end condos but plenty of those you would not retire in. School system is probably about average and private schools are available for those that think they serve their kids better. Crime is a problem but the cops are working hard at it. It does get a lot of play on the nightly news but that may be because they can't think of anything else to talk about. Come on Down and Enjoy South Texas[read more...]

Corpus Christi, TX

Climate annd Weather - 7/14/2012

Hot, muggy summers. Wind is nearly constant and unpleasant. Late fall and winter are most appealing times of the year. [read more...]

Corpus Christi, TX

The Salt Water Humidity Has Saved My Face! - 5/24/2012

I am 32 years old and just moved here 3 weeks ago. The weather here is a little windy but beautiful even on "bad" days. I have had acne since i was 11. Doctors have told me within the last 5 years that there was nothing else I could do. One week after being here it is completely clear. I just needed to move by the ocean I guess[read more...]

Houston, TX

Summer - 2/27/2012

The summers are hot and humid. [read more...]

Corpus Christi, TX

lovin corpus - 1/3/2012

corpus christi is a great place for older over 50 or people raising a family. after spending over a month in longview tx where if you are over 50 they treat you as if you are a virus i was never so glad to come back to corpus christi the wheather is so awsome and the people here respect older people. a good transit system good workout centers and good dining and good beaches. amazing sunsets. i have been going back and forth to lon gview since june and i find it the worst place i have ever been with some of the rudest people thank you corpus[read more...]

Corpus Christi, TX

Nice place to live, but too hot for my taste - 9/5/2011

Corpus is a nice, smaller city to live in overall. But it stays too hot/warm for my taste for too much of the year. There are good schools here, the bay, nice neighborhoods, but even these favorable aspects can't make me want to stay. I feel trapped indoors as I don't like to spend time out in the heat.[read more...]

Corpus Christi, TX

fishing - 4/28/2010

I bought a boat, and ive been going around the bay for some time now, checking out random holes and channels with little success fishing, any pointers or spots?[read more...]

Corpus Christi, TX

air quality - 1/13/2010

I live on south padre, near the beach, where there is a wind off the ocean, the majority of time, My ranking of the air wuld have to be 99.9 of 100, by sperlings comparison ranking in corpus christi of 29 of 100. I am thinking a ranking of air quality must be made clearly stating the variables, otherwise irs an invalid statement. I don't want to sound critical but really 29 ? Corpus Christi, where the air is off the ocean[read more...]

Corpus Christi, TX

air quality - 1/13/2010

I live betweeen the beach and south padre island drive, about 50 yards from the beach, most of the time there is a breeze off the ocean. I feel great, from all the sea air, its clean, and fresh. I don't know about the validity of the sperling report that gives us 29 out of 100 on air quality, maybe he was staying under bridge or beside the refinery or road, but personally, its the best air I have ever had, I would rank it 99.9 out of 100[read more...]

Tucson, AZ

Want to live near the Ocean again ! - 5/31/2009

After living in Santa Cruz,CA. where I'm from then living in Tucson,AZ. for the last 9 years I want to move to be near the Ocean again and Corpus Christi, TX. sounds like a Good Place to move to.[read more...]

Corpus Christi, TX

Hot and humid. Allergies and asthma. - 5/9/2009

Very hot and humid. The mold and mildew, combined with the cedar and other allergens in the air aggravate SAR (Seasonal Allergic Rhinitis). I've lived in a lot of cities, but have never witnessed so many people that have been diagnosed with asthma.[read more...]

Corpus Christi, TX

Trashy city by the sea - 4/3/2009

Corpus Christi calls itself the sparkling city by the sea. It is sparkling if you like excessive number of tall outdoor adverting billboards and store signs destroying the skyline views. This town is full of people who do not care about thier homes or environment. There is trash floating in the water, all over the parks, along the beaches. People do not take care of their homes. Property taxes are the highest in the state at 3.3%. Home owners insurance highest in the country. High electricity at average of 15 cent to 25 cents a kilowatt. Houses are cheap if you don't mind nasty neighbors. Houses located along the only pretty area of Corpus (Ocean Drive) are expensive but not bad for being so close to the bay. Just don't pay attention to the trash in the water and along the shore. Corpus also have many abandoned buildings which the city government will do nothing about except for spending tax payer's money on consultants. We have been here a year and ten months and dislike this deteriorating city by the sea. I work for the federal gorvernment and my pay is the same as when we were in North Carolina. Our disposable income dropped in Corpus Christi due to the high cost of month to month expenses (taxes, electricty, water, insurance). Even with a state income tax in NC, the month to month expenses were much less and NC is much prettier. Corpus is too windy, hot, humid, dry, dirty and boring. Nearest place for excitement is San Antonio which is 150 miles north. I do NOT recommend Corpus Christi. Positive: It does have the best water access for the public in the country. Just look out for the glass and trash.[read more...]

Beverly Hills, CA

Corpus Christi: not-so-shining city by the sea - 11/16/2008

check out my site at[read more...]

Fort Lauderdale, FL



Corpus Christi, TX

Most people don't give Corpus a Chance - 1/29/2008

I moved here a little over a year ago, knowing no one or nothing about Corpus Christi. I had lived in Coastal cities before (San Diego, Pensacola) and was pleasantly surprised by how pretty the bay area downtown was. I took the first job I was offered (no, it did not pay $5-7, it was about $10 and hour) and worked there until I could corner a better position. Afte a few months and a couple interviews, I was offered not one, but two jobs that paid well over the median income of 20,000. Many people expect to step into town and get offered the dream job at dream pay. What people fail to remember that even though jobs pay less, the cost of living and housing are far less than the US Average. The Cost of living here is on average 10-12 points below US Average. And Housing is closer to 20 percent lower. There are downfalls here- crime is worse than I would like, and there is little nightlife for the under 30 crowd - but I like it. Work hard, network, and you will find a nice life here in Corpus.[read more...]

Corpus Christi, TX

Corpus is not so bad! - 12/13/2007

No matter where you go you will never find a place that is perfect. Corpus is a good place to live. It has it's negative aspects, but on the other hand it is growing in so many ways. We have really good schools, and one of the only schools that is located near a beach. There is things to do, maybe not as much as bigger cities, but we are getting bigger with each passing year. Our mall is expanding, we are getting more shopping outlets. All and all, maybe corpus is not the best (yes we have stupid wanna be thugs), but it is a good place to live. You do not have to rich to have a nice place in a nice neighborhood either. STOP COMPLAINING![read more...]


Very High Crime - 10/3/2007

I spent one year living in C.C. I grew up near Los Angeles and have lived in Atlanta, Denver, San Antonio and NEVER experienced any type of theft. My third day in Corpus and my car window was smashed in and everything stolen from my car. Two things made this very disturbing: 1.) it was in broad daylight by a crowded mall and 2.) EVERYONE in town I talked to about it stated that they too had been the victim of at least 1 (usually 3 to 5) break ins themselves. The police actually asked me what I expected them to do when they showed up (2 hours after I called). There are too many jellyfish in this part of the Gulf to make ocean playing safe and the heat and humidity are extremely oppressive in the summer. Additionally, if you are white or black you will be discriminated against and treated like garbage. Better brush up on your Spanish too because English is very seldom spoken there (most signs and store product labels are only in Spanish).[read more...]

Corpus Christi, TX

Why Corpus? - 8/26/2007

To put it bluntly....this place sucks!!! The only good thing about living in this town is that you can go to the beach. There are not any good waves unless there is a hurricane in the gulf. You cant make enough money to live in a nice place. If you are going to move here I hope you are rich...unless you want to live in town where there is a lot of crime. Downtown sucks, there is nothing to do. This is the meth capital of the world and there are always wierdos walking around looking like zombies. This is North Mexico. Dont expect people to know English either[read more...]

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