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Harrisburg, PA

lifetime resident ready to move - 12/1/2015

Having lived here many years I've noticed that some people are very nice but most won't give you the time of day.Due to many years of "lifetime" politicians, the city is without funding and so is our state. The gangs and criminals know this and are moving in.We have new housing and business development without new infrastructure. Now taxes are being raised to fund infrastructure. Don't the taxes from the new buildings support this? We have the highest gas tax in the nation, and traffic grid lock around every city.Budgets are not balanced, taxes are increased. Property taxes in some areas are $3,000 to $4,000 per year for an "average" house.That is why housing prices are cheep. Our teachers that make $70,000 a year can't educate our students due to laws that make them teach students how to pass a test that has little to do with the course being taught. Last July 4th a young man who was from out of town was leaving a fireworks display along the river front, had his jaw broken by a group of teen age jerks who had to impress their peers.This was deemed not racially motivated , but it does tell me that the area is not safe any time of day or night.Ill be moving soon to an area that has a police force that prevents crime, and to a town that realizes that if there are 100 more houses to be built there may be a need for new roads and sewer lines before the people move in.

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Etters, PA

Not so friendly area.... - 6/4/2014

I am a transplant to the area, moved here from Maryland a few years ago. I thought that this would be a great place to raise my children, especially since my family moved here from Baltimore City. One thing that this town does not have much of is crime, at least compared to Baltimore city, well murders at least. The pros of the area (Harrisburg and surrounding towns) - lots of festivals (there is usually one every week); beautiful scenery (green mountainous terrain and river setting); many fantastic parks (something we did not have in Baltimore); many recreational activities (if you are a hunter, you will be in heaven, this I am not); fairly cheap housing prices compared to surrounding states. Unfortunately, to me, the cons outweigh the pros - very (I mean extremely) rude, ignorant people, to the point that I have gotten into several altercations with people because many people think they can just walk in front of you, on top of you, or do whatever they want and don't have to say a thing. For example - when I first arrived here, I was waiting in line at the grocery store. My groceries were on the conveyor belt. A woman came behind me and set her basket on top of my groceries. I had eggs and milk. After me pointing out her error, she gave me a dirty look and moved her basket. Unbelievable! This must be a PA dutch thing because these people have no idea what manners are or even the ability to be friendly. This is something that I have never encountered on such a high scale. Rudeness is everywhere in the world but just about everyone is rude here. I have made a few friends here but it took years to do this. Okay, point made.; Traffic that is just unjustifiable. Worse than Baltimore traffic and there is no other logical reason for this except for poor infrastructure and truck accidents on I-81/I-83.; Rough winters and rough summers but that is to be expected in the area; High taxes. When you buy a home they only tell you about the property tax, not the separate school tax. It was a shocker there.; Lack of decent pay. I work at a local hospital here and the pay is $5/hr. less than Baltimore and this is one of the highest paying hospitals in the Harrisburg area.; Serious lack of any diversity; Awful drivers (I put them on the same level as Baltimore. Lots of people who like to ride your butt on back roads.); Alcohol laws (good luck trying to find a 6-pack in this state); Lack of funding for schools but high school tax (what? doesn't make any sense to me). The West Shore School District has closed 2 schools in the past 3 years and they are trying to cut school sports now. Principals drive around in Lexus and BMW cars and the superintendent makes a ton more than he should. I understand that people should be well compensated but not at the cost of a child's education. I have lived and traveled in many areas of the east/west coast and abroad but after living here I would have to say that these people are the rudest that I have ever encountered. Unless you are a very outgoing, friendly person that can try to break through the hardness of these people, don't expect to make friends. I came here as a fairly outgoing and easy to get along with person. Now after several years, I don't really know what it is like to make friends who would like to just go out for a drink with you. The same applies to my husband. These people are very family oriented, which I have seen written on this site before, which isn't a bad thing but you really need a life outside of family too. I adore my home in the area and the scenery but I am more than happy to get away from the area. This place has seriously sucked the life out of me and turned me into a person that I was not raised to be.

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Harrisburg, PA

Harrisburg, PA - 2/17/2014

I live in Harrisburg, PA. I'm not a fan of Harrisburg or the northeast. I'm looking to relocate and hoping to gain information from others on this site.

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Marysville, PA

everyones gotta die some day red. - 6/29/2011

you want a job for more then 12 bucks a hour in harrisburg pa you got a couple of choices you can be a cop feel lucky?? or you can pay off a guy to get u a job at the mills i tried the mills nothing like working next to a 1932 x ray machine while u breath in metal dust all day long. plus you have to deal with union employees. this can be just as detrimental from the blood pressure medication u will be forced to get. currently at 12 bucks a hour driving a fork lift on a dock u can see some good mullets from the truck drivers. hey with those eeoc regs not alot left for men who work hard. love harrisburg nothing else quite like it.

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Marysville, PA

what crime?? the news dont report it - 6/29/2011

its great being located right between baltimors new york and philadelphia i mean lots of opportunities to meet new people all the time.. i mean its not so bad that most of them are gun toting drug dealers worst part is how they come and stay and spread out used to be once you left the city the crime stopped now it streetches for miles outside of the cities. we need police stations in every school now. i mean you can move farther out but the cost of living rises so much you cant afford to eat and the fact that public transportation doesnt exist you cant get anywhere. my advice move to the woods where the cost of living is low and keep your doors locked heading through the city. oh and keep to the speed limits when going through cumblerland county the cops need more money to fight the cost of the urban sprawl

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Chicago, IL

Central Pennsylvania - 6/2/2011

Don't even think about moving here. I have lived in 5 states and three foriegn countries (including a communist country way back when)and have never encountered such a stupid, uneducated, racist, antisemitic,homophobic populace anywhere. That's not to say that everybody here is worthless. Far from it. I am saying that the good is far outweighed by the bad.

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Rio Rancho, NM

Nice place to live if you aren't concerned with it - 2/21/2011

I lived in Harrisburg for 12 years. My family moved to Mechanicsburg a few miles away, however I lived in the city proper for 3 years before leaving. Harrisburg is an interesting place. An odd hybrid of Pittsburgh and Philadelphia. Lots of east coast attitude, but lots of rust belt earnestness as well. First the positive: It's in the middle of EVERYTHING. NYC is 3 hours away, Baltimore/DC is 90 minutes, Philadelphia is 2.5 hours and Pittsburgh is 3 hours. Most beaches on the eastern shore are typically between 3-5 hours away depending on which one you're talking about. Pennsylvania is one of the oldest regions of the country and the historical significance of the area makes it an extremely attractive draw for US History buffs and casual tourists. The scenery in the entire central Pennsylvania area is green, lush and beautiful with thick forests, rolling hills, and winding back roads. The Susquehanna River which runs along the entire western border of the city is breathtaking on a sunny day. There are a pretty significant amount of things to do in Harrisburg, including restaurants, theater, music, concerts, and athletic events. Considering that the area isn't a large city, it's very surprising how much there is... it's not city-quality, but much of it is comes very close, minus all the big city hastles (crowding, traffic, high prices, etc.) Overall I would say the pluses outweigh the minuses in that respect. The Negative: The worst thing about living in Harrisburg is the city itself. It's a dirty, dingy place with many destitute neighborhoods. The good part is that there isn't a whole lot of bleed-over from the bad areas to the good. They are very compartmentalized. Because of the massive amount of highways around the area, Harrisburg also has an extremely high pollution rate. Not a good place for allergy or asthma sufferers. Speaking of traffic, that's another huge problem. Harrisburg is the crossroads for about a dozen major state and interstate roads. In many areas containing the major traffic arteries there is no space to build on either side of the roads and therefore have too few lanes to accommodate the amount of traffic on them. Due to these factors the area highways are under constant strain and must be rebuilt constantly, causing lots of construction in the area, further exacerbating the traffic problems. Traffic often grinds to a halt with an incident on any of the major highways in the area. Another issue is he design of the highways. Many off ramps in and around the metro area are absurdly short or curved too far to allow any kind of acceleration until one is already off the exit ramp. Another minus is the provincial attitude of many of the residents. In many places you can expect to go out for drinks with your coworkers after hours, not here... everyone goes home to their families. This appeals to some, but not to others. While Pennsylvania is an extremely liberal place in the urban areas, it is just as conservative in the rural. Harrisburg is a blend of both, some extremely conservative, some extremely liberal. Overall I enjoyed living in Harrisburg very much. The people are friendly once you break through their tough exteriors, the weather is OK, it gets very rainy and gloomy in the autumn and there is often a large snow accumulation at least 3-5 times per winter. Summers are usually hot and humid.

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Harrisburg, PA

Harrisburg PA - 1/10/2010

We have lived in this area for 7 years. There are a lot of attractions, HersheyPark right down the road. They have an artsfest, music fest and lots of activities during the summer. City Island is a popular place to go. The winter is a little cold, we have had snow and it's cold but where I work, they haven't closed due to snow in 7 years.

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Harrisburg, PA

Pennsylvania, Dauphin County and Harrisburg - 12/22/2009

Pennsylvania is America's mensroom... Dauphin County/Harrisburg - it's urinal...

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Harrisburg, PA

Been here my whole life... - 7/18/2008

I've been here my entire life and I love it. It isn't the most sophisticated and exciting city I'm sure, but its my home and there is a lot of beauty and value here. Its the only place I ever wanted to be.

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Harrisburg, PA

This place is booming! - 5/20/2008

I located in Harrisburg after completing school at a nearby college and I've got to say that there are so many exciting things going on here I don't ever intend to move back to Philly. It's small enough that you can really get to know the people and places that make Harrisburg, and you can actually make a difference. The new Harrisburg Area Community College building in midtown, the new Harrisburg University of Science and Technology downtown, restaurant row, new office buildings and new companies coming to town really speak to this place as a quickly up and coming destination. And with the launch of Spotobe.com you can really find something fun to do every day of the week. Great place!

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Longview, WA

Thought I was the only one who didn't like HBG - 5/13/2008

I couldn't get away quick enough. Too small-town a mindset for a state capital, but that's true of the whole Susquehanna Valley. Racially diverse but not happy about it (them, not me). Stuck in the past. My impression was that if it was your home-home, you loved it, but it didn't embrace newcomers successfully.

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Pittsburgh, PA

Hometown of Newt Gingrich - 4/3/2008

Fifteen years ago my wife and I escaped Harrisburg. Even though we periodically return for visits, I am so grateful we did not stay and become ….. one of them! The downtown has “attempted” to revitalize with Restaurant Row which in actuality is five block of mostly bars and nightclubs. Girls in their Fashion Bug finest, stumble around while their boyfriends relieve themselves in alleys. Retail has yet to transpire beyond a few novelty shops and pharmacies. I will give them credit for the new Whitaker Center. Forget public transportation. The routes are limited and most suburban lines stop after rush hour. This dates back to the 70’s as a means of keeping undesirables off the West Shore. Oh did I mention there’s no Sunday or holiday service? So if you’re elderly or handicapped … stay home! In 1975 I went to the State Museum and today the same exhibits are STILL THERE! They did open a Civil War museum which I think gets 40 visitors a day. Hello, Gettysburg is only 30 minutes away! If you want to see a Monet or a T-Rex, drive 100 miles to Philadelphia. There is a symphony and a couple of art galleries but culture is not something that is prevalent in an area where the goal in life is to become a state employee. Speaking of goals, the public school system is below national standards in testing and there is no university. Ok, PSU does have a campus down in Middletown but other than a community college where you can learn auto repair or cosmetology; educational options are limited. But hey, those trades won’t get you that cushy state job! The city does offer some attractive housing options in areas like Shipoke and Midtown but it stops at that. You will not find a community feel with retail areas providing relaxing coffee shops (they keep closing) or trendy boutiques. Instead expect convenience stores and hair/nail salons. You also have those pesky problems like parking, persistent vandalism, home robberies and muggings. As a community, blacks still use the H word, whites still use the N word. Both think all Asians are Chinese and physical/verbal gay bashing seems to be the local sport of choice. It’s sad to see a toothless 40 year old woman stick her head out a car window to yell the F*gg*t as she passes an empty State Street. In a nutshell that summarizes the Harrisburg area. Even though they’ve made a few changes, the lack of an educated population and formidable cultural venues retains the unwillingness to accept people different from themselves. This decades-old, narrow minded thinking prevails, preventing any true progression from occurring beyond bricks and mortar.

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Harrisburg, PA

World's Worst Highway Infrastructure - 1/2/2008

Too Many Cars, Not Enough Capacity!!!

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Harrisburg, PA

Eclectic Neighborhood - 10/13/2007

Living in the Midtown area of Harrisburg is great - friendly neighbors, beautiful flowerboxes and porches, the Midtown Cinema, and now Nonna's!

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Camp Hill, PA

Icy winters - 3/27/2007

We have very cold days during winters here.However, this year snow was late.It started last feb 2007 and ended March. It was a short season of snow bt the ice was several feet high.

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Newport, PA

harrisburg - 8/27/2006

Harrisburg is a clean and friendly city

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Millersburg, PA

People are nice, but making $10 per hour doesn't b - 7/18/2006

Well, I've lived here for 25+ years and have given the city and surrounding area a fighting chance, but quite frankly the economy in Pa and in particular, Harrisburg PA sucks! The state civil service pays around $12 an hour and that is considered a 'good' job in the area, wouldn't be so bad but parking in the city is $150 per month and gets raised by $20 per month every year. So, this is July 2006, next year parking would be $170 per month to park if you work in the city. The apartments about 15 minutes outside of the city are $650 per month and rising for a ONE bedroom. You can't live in the city because of the crime being so bad. It's not so bad in some sections, unfortunately, you must drive by those bad sections to get a cheaper apartment. House prices average $200,000 about 15 minutes away from the city. In the nice sections of the city you are looking at $250,000 with $4,000 per year in taxes just for the privelege on owning a home. The people are very nice here and like everyone from all walks of life. I have noticed it doesn't matter where you've come from people really embrace others. I think it is like if you are in a horrible place they want someone else with them since it is so horrible. Some nightlife in the city but jeesh, the crime in that nightlife is bad. Someone got shot the other night, someone jumped off a building a few months ago, etc.etc. Diversity is here, taxes are horrible. Jobs there are none, paying more than $12 per hour and they want a bachelors degree. The health care in particular is very bad. The doctors are hurried, irritated that the malpractice insurance is so high, the nurses are hurried, but paid very well, in comparison with everyone else in the area. If you are a nurse, this place is a good place to work if you don't mind forced overtime. They pay a portion of your schooling if you stay in PA, they are that desparate. Technology jobs are none, they've moved to North Carolina or overseas. Unemployment rate is 4.4% but I know that's grossly lower than what it really is since a relative of mine works at Labor & Industry...Jobs are hard to come by that pay $40,000 per year. The cost of living here in comparision with the pay and jobs are not good. If you really want to be employed at a good job making more than $12 per hour, don't come here. I am getting my master's and getting out. Good luck to all.

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Harrisburg, PA

It's not a fast paced city, but it is a great plac - 6/22/2006

My family has lived in Harrisburg for 5 generations. I am of the third generation and I have live here for most of my 48 years. What's nice about Harrisburg is the diversity. There are several ethnic communities, ie, huge Hispanic and Oriental communities. There are very few "bad neighborhoods." The inner city schools are on the rise and the suburban schools are excellent, ie, Central Dauphin, Susquehanna Twp. and the Catholic schools. The colleges include, Temple, Penn State, Widner, HACC, Dixon, Science Tech, Thompson, and Central Penn. For families just starting out, the cost of living is really reasonable. You can find a nice 2 or 3 bdrm apt for around $650. Traffic is only crazy when the state workers are going/coming to work. This is the capital city and the governor's office and residence is located in Harrisburg. We are within 3 hours of Baltimore, Philly, New York and Atlantic City. There's minor league baseball here and the world famous Hershey Park & Resort is just up the road. But right in the city is lots of nightclubs and good restaurants. There's also the State museum, The Whittaker Center for the Arts & Science, and plenty of other attractions such as City Island, Riverfront Park, The National Civil War Museum and much more. The Harrisburg Intl. Airport will get you to most major cities, as well as Amtrak and Greyhound.

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Harrisburg, PA

Harrisburg, PA - 4/15/2006

Lots of stuff going on here. The capital city has grown and changes a ton in past few years. Located on the lovely Susquehanna River the Spring and Summer months are blooming and sweet. A bit boring for the younger set.

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