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Seattle, WA

Relocation and Jobs - 2/17/2014
I live in the northeast. My husband and I are trying to relocate to Seattle. We find it very difficult getting any employers to look at us because we are out of state. People say move first and then apply for jobs. Given the way the economy is right now, I don't find that to be a wise decision. However, I really want to move out there. My husband graduated college with a BA in Computer Science back in 2013. I only have an associates degree and have been working in accounting for quite a few years now. Is it hard to get a job once you move there? In addition, do you find the people to really be distant? I hear about the Seattle Freeze a lot but don't know how true that is. Every place has pros and cons. Just curious if Seattle is really that bad. I've been out there lots of times. I am familiar with the rainy overcast weather. Of course visiting is way different then living there. Any advice will be greatly appreciated!

Charlotte, NC

re: Relocation to Charlotte - 9/15/2013
- 2/17/2014
Hi Melissa,

I live in Harrisburg, PA and feel your pain. It's so boring here. I can't stand the mentality here. The entire "East Shore / West Shore" mentality kills me. Our options for shopping are Carlisle Pike, Jonestown Road or Hershey Outlets. Downtown is a joke. The job market here is horrible. My husband has a BA in Computer Science and found it difficult to find a good paying job. The housing market isn't what I call cheap. If you want a house that doesn't require a lot of fixing up, you are going to spend at least $220,000 on up. Depending on the area, the property taxes can be high. Then there is the wonderful Local Service Tax that requires I pay $52 a year. It's just bizarre.

If you get an opportunity to move, I say take it! I have never lived in Charlotte but have driven through it many times. It "appears" nice and clean. I'm sure Charlotte has it's pros and cons just like everywhere else. However, I'm sure the people are nicer. I know Charlotte is a 3 hour drive to the beach and 3 hour drive to the mountains. They have Carowinds (amusement park) and U.S. National Whitewater Center that offers a lot of fun! They also have NASCAR for motor sports enthusiast. I'm not sure of job market. You can always check places like indeed.com or dice.com to see what they have to offer. I know they have a big financial industry (lots of banking).

Best of luck Melissa! Hope you find what you are looking for :)


Harrisburg, PA

Harrisburg, PA - 2/17/2014
I live in Harrisburg, PA. I'm not a fan of Harrisburg or the northeast. I'm looking to relocate and hoping to gain information from others on this site.

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