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Marysville, PA | 2 Review(s)

college educated stuck in a bad place


Life Stage: Family with Children
Occupation: Supply Chain/Logistics


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Harrisburg, PA

everyones gotta die some day red. - 6/29/2011
you want a job for more then 12 bucks a hour in harrisburg pa you got a couple of choices you can be a cop feel lucky?? or you can pay off a guy to get u a job at the mills i tried the mills nothing like working next to a 1932 x ray machine while u breath in metal dust all day long. plus you have to deal with union employees. this can be just as detrimental from the blood pressure medication u will be forced to get. currently at 12 bucks a hour driving a fork lift on a dock u can see some good mullets from the truck drivers. hey with those eeoc regs not alot left for men who work hard. love harrisburg nothing else quite like it.

Harrisburg, PA

what crime?? the news dont report it - 6/29/2011
its great being located right between baltimors new york and philadelphia i mean lots of opportunities to meet new people all the time.. i mean its not so bad that most of them are gun toting drug dealers worst part is how they come and stay and spread out used to be once you left the city the crime stopped now it streetches for miles outside of the cities. we need police stations in every school now. i mean you can move farther out but the cost of living rises so much you cant afford to eat and the fact that public transportation doesnt exist you cant get anywhere. my advice move to the woods where the cost of living is low and keep your doors locked heading through the city. oh and keep to the speed limits when going through cumblerland county the cops need more money to fight the cost of the urban sprawl

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