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Clovis, CA

Beautiful town - 6/6/2014

We have lived in Clovis for seven years, and find the people to be very friendly, the views of the mountains gorgeous, the winters are mild ( no snow! ), and summers are wonderful for swimming, bike riding, taking day trips to the ocean, shopping, etc. Homes have beautiful architecture, lots of windows, and palm trees everywhere! And roses that bloom all year! Love it!

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Clovis, CA

Great place to live especially with a family - 2/1/2014

Clovis is a great family-oriented rapidly growing community with a very moderate climate however the California drought may have some effects on this community. Excellent schools very progressive and new. Schools use self-sustaining sun collectors for power.

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Clovis, CA

Climate in Clovis - 10/20/2012

Clovis, and the entire Central Valley of California, is a horrible place to live. There are only two seasons - cool and stinkin' hot. In July, August, and September the temperatures can get into triple digits, sometimes it can get up to 114. Since there is no rain for months, by the time August arrives the air is in the Unhealthy zone on several days. It doesn't start getting cool until late October. Between the hot temperatures, the dust from living in an agricultural community (with little rain) and the air pollution, it is a very uncomfortable and unhealthy place to live.

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Clovis, CA

Trying to leave as soon as possible - 6/26/2012

My husband and I grew up here in the central Valley and now are looking to move as far away as possible. This is a very boring place to live. There is really nothing to do here but go out to eat, go to the movies and walk down the mall. The gangs and crime have taken over. Please think twice before moving here until things improve. The City government is doing the best with what they have, but it's just not enough. Bye Bye California!! Hopefully

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Clovis, CA

Good Schools - 10/8/2008

Good schools. Good co-curriculars.

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Not a country town anymore. - 12/11/2006

Clovis used to be just a little country town next to Fresno. With the influx of out-of-towners and huge housing developments taking up most of the farmland around town, it's beginning to look like any other sprawling California town. Where there were once dozens of little roadside places selling strawberries fresh from the patch right behind them, now there are only busy intersections with a few vendors with fruit from Mexico. What happened to all our beautiful orchards and farmland? If I see another mini storage place being build, I'm going to scream. In the last 5 years housing prices have become ridiculous. It's still not as crowded as the Bay Area and thankfully the hot summers scare most people away. Need that heat to grow that fruit.

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Clovis, CA

not bad - 5/10/2006

clovis is not a bad place to live. california is getting to strange and tax crazy. maybe a change for retirement is in the plans.

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