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Fresno, CA

Why would anyone move to Fresno Ca.
- 8/10/2020
poor police response? than why does fresno rank lower in violent crime than a lot of the other big cities in the state. Sacramento, SF, Oakland, LA all have higher and more violent crime per 100K people.

Fresno, CA

The Uncivilized Wasteland of Dusty Oklaho - 2/21/2020
what a way to bite the hand that feeds. You are a disgrace to Fresno as it provided you with 2 higher education degrees that allows you to excel in life. You are bit overdramatic seriously. Take a chill pill.

Mountain House, CA

not much here - 7/14/2019
As a city in itself, just ignoring it's proximity to anything else but strictly as Mountain House, CA. This place has nothing. It barely has 10,000 population. No stores, no jobs, nothing. What you find is basically an island of new/newer homes and schools. No shopping, no dining, nothing. How can you rate any city like that high. But look at the prices of the homes. Your paying $600-700K here? You still have to drive to Tracy or Livermore to do anything and buy anything. The reason for the high price is due to many accepting the commute to their jobs in the bay area. There is no jobs in the area that can sustain a mortgage for a 600-700K home. The commute to the bay area is easy 1.5-2hrs EACH WAY. Don't get me wrong its nice neighborhood and homes but when you get passed that, its nothing here. You almost always have to leave and go to another city for everything.

Fresno, CA

Nothing to do? Nonsense!
- 4/2/2019
great review

Fresno, CA

Proverty-Stricken, Unpleasant Area
- 4/2/2019
You know crime in Fresno is better than Sacramento, LA, SF, Oakland and a few other big cities in CA. The stats are out there to prove it. So if you think crime is high here, you have a better chance getting killed in those cities before in Fresno.

Fresno, CA

The Uncivilized Wasteland of Dusty Oklaho - 4/2/2019
you should return your degree to fresno state. you bite the hand that feeds

Los Banos, CA

maybe for singles or with no kids, but not family - 4/2/2019
The most attractive part of Los Banos is their proximity to San Jose and relatively low housing prices. However, if you look at it from different angles Los Banos may not be ideal. New home prices here are "cheap" in comparison to San Jose which can only be 1 hour away with no traffic. Or Gilroy which is 30 mins away. New homes in Los Banos are going for $300K? Some smaller plans are high $200K. Problem though is, there are no jobs in Los Banos. At least no high paying ones, and the ones that are, are very few. Los Banos is barely 40,000 people. I have heard/read that most of the residents there drive to San Jose or the greater Bay Area to work. If you can put up with the traffic commute, what do you do on the weekend. Remember this town only has 40,000. There is nothing here. No mall, one lousy small movie theater, amenities and activities are very lacking compared to a big city. Once they exhausted the few activities and things you can do here, you can go to Gilroy to shop (30 mins no traffic), San Jose (1hr), Fresno (1hr). for the rest of the stores and amenities that they dont have themselves. The school district/schools here are not ranked well. This really is perfect definition of commuter town. If you are single or have no kids thats fine. But with kids, its a depressing.

Elk Grove, CA

good right now, but how will it be in the future - 4/2/2019
Elk Grove is a very diverse city. A long time ago it use to be very white. Now the white population is about 40%, then next majority race are Asian, then Hispanic, followed with a Black/African American population of about 10-13%. Just driving around and going to the shopping centers and stores, you can see that diversity. So if this is high importance to you, then there you go. A lot of new and old time Elk Grove citizens are mixed about how Elk Grove will be in the future. It has already turned more diverse through the years due to a lot of Bay Area residents moving there. Some might consider that good, some bad. Also because of this, it has raised the market rate for the homes. New 3000 sq ft homes are easily in the $500K. Some may consider high for the region. Just looking present day, Elk Grove provides good diversity and that diversity brings many types of diverse businesses. You'll have your ethnic stores and also your typical stores. The school district is good here, but not great or the best--which goes to Roseville, Rocklin, Folsm. Crime is currently ranked good but not great or the best. And this could be related to the outlook of Elk Grove in the future. Many residents especially long time residents are saying Elk Grove is going downhill. The demographic has clearly shifted and will continue to is what they are saying. Take it as you may, but Asian population may overtake White in the years to come. A lot of conservatives dont like that and thus why they are saying Elk Grove is changing to what they do not agree with. Also with South Sacramento bordering Elk Grove, there is constant debate of crime fall off. It's often argued but its a legitimate argument. It is a fact that South Sacramento area is one of the worse areas and does have high crime, and it is a fact that Elk Grove borders it. Crime stats are still good in Elk Grove though, so its just something you have to think of. The nice thing about Elk Grove is it's only 1hr and 45min with no traffic to San Jose. Even closer to the east bay. Elk Grove is a fine city right now, but there are just too many tangibles at the moment and it's probably the suburb city in Sacramento that may have the biggest changes in years to come, so if you are dropping $500-600K+ for a new home here, or any home for that matter thinking that things will only get better, just look at the past first to get a better idea where the future is headed. Remember for transplants moving from the bay area, when you move here of course this maybe all positives, but dig deeper and you may see how much better it was in the past, and for long time residents, what you think is great, is already meh for them now. In comparison, if you go to Rocklin or Roseville, where homes are much higher in price for similar sq footage, there is no fall off as it doesnt border bad areas, and already the higher price of a home there prices out a lot of people.

Clovis, CA

CA secret place thats great to raise family - 4/2/2019
It is unfair to have Clovis with such a good rating and Fresno have such a low one. Because Clovis relies a lot on Fresno for stores and things to do, while many of North Fresno rely in Clovis for their good school district. Fresno tends to get grouped more negatively forgetting that if you cut Fresno in half, it would probably have similar statistics as Clovis as a city. Fresno is a big city with mix of social classes. Where as Clovis has become really becoming the city that gets all the positive things without having to be associated with Fresno's negative. With that said, there is a reason Clovis gets really high regards. It's a small to medium size city of 120K population, yet has the accessibility of Fresno's amenities right next door. So the shopping, the higher education colleges like Fresno State and Fresno Pacific is right there. BUT Clovis doesn't have to be associated with Fresno's higher crime (although Fresno right now in 2019 has lower violent crime than SF, Oakland, Sacramento, LA when compared to big cities in CA). Clovis school district is one of the BEST school districts not just in the state of CA but ranked nationally. People in Sacramento area like to rave about Roseville and Rocklin school districts but Clovis Unified ranks higher than those. The diversity in Clovis starts to dwindle being majority white, then followed by Hispanic and Asians, and very little African American. Clovis is a very nice suburb city of Fresno and has a very small town feel. Old Town Clovis is charming and has a lot of events and local businesses. It is very safe here crime wise. There is NO FALL OFF of crime coming from Fresno because Clovis borders the nice part of fresno to begin with. In the winter you can look into the sierras and see the snow capped mountains. Snow play and ski resort is an hour away. National parks and lakes literally on your backyard. This is the perfect place to raise a family. The median price of a home here is $100K+ less than Rosevillle or Rocklin in the Sacramento area which are good comparisons. So a 3000 sq ft home in Clovis that would be $500K will easily be $600-650K+ in Roseville/Rocklin. $150K is not chump change, so Clovis offers a really good value. From San Jose, clovis is about 2.5hrs. Which is similar to going to Roseville or Rocklin. However, Clovis is farther from the other parts of the bay area. If you dont need to be as close to the bay area, Clovis maybe a better option.

Fresno, CA

Best value for big city in CA - 4/2/2019
I've lived here for 10 years and seen it change for the better. 10 years ago it was known for high crime. Now, if you look at the stats, Fresno IS SAFER than Sacramento, SF, LA, Oakland, and other big cities in CA. There is more and sometimes significantly more violent crime and killings going on in those cities now. So whatever the Fresno PD has done in the last 10 years is working. Fresno is still a work in progress but a lot has improved. Fresno is the 5th biggest city in the state of CA. It's bigger than Sacramento when it comes to population. It has great higher education options in Fresno State and Fresno Pacific. It also has UCSF Medical here for those looking to be a doctor. It is the closest major city to Yosemite and other of the beautiful national parks in CA including Sequoia, Kings Canyon, Sierras. It is also about an hour away from a ski resort up in China Peak. Beautiful nature outdoor adventure is Fresno's backyard to the east. The beauty of living here is you can still live comfortably on a middle class income. Homes are still relatively affordable. Sacramento is similar to Fresno but does have few things Fresno does not. But keep in mind the median price of a home in Sacramento is over $100K more. Weather is similar as well. African American population is very small here compared to Sacramento with Sacramento boasting over 10% more Black population, so the diversity in that regards is better in Sacramento. Other than that, the other racial make up is present. As with most of CA there is heavy hispanic population (but which part of CA isnt) followed by white and asians. The problem one may have with Fresno is that it is really the only biggest city in central CA so if what you are looking for isnt here, you are not likely to find it in the neighboring small towns and cities. But because Fresno is the 5th biggest city in CA, there is a good chance it should have a store, service, amenity you are looking for. San Jose is 2 hours away, and you can get to LA in 3 hours. Still short enough for day trips. The people here are very more reserved and less vocal it seems. They only speak out when it comes to negative things but never say anything when things are good. Overall, if you are raising a family and are middle to upper middle class, you will live very comfortably here with most if not all the things you and your family will need as they grow old. But if you are not educated and have no ambition life may be difficult because there may not be as much opportunities.

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