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"Nasty little town"

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Las Vegas, NV

Drugs and prostitution - 3/11/2016

I lost my husband to drugs (Meth) and a prostitute in Barstow Ca. My husband already had a severe drug problem with meth for many years. He was an Iron Worker and very intelligent. But going ther was like walking into the Devils playpen. He lost himself on the drugs, left his family, and is now with a prostitute with all the same addictions if not worse. He went ther to work but never came home. If you have any information on him please contact me at we are desperately trying to find him. He is in bad shape. Don't move to Barstow, it's a dead in.

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Barstow, CA

Police - 5/29/2015

Barstow police do not honor their own Charter. You are guilty. Period. Not a place to move to.

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Barstow, CA

something gone wrong - 7/26/2014

Barstow is a shit hole. It wasn't always a shit hole but obviously something has gone terribly wrong here in the past 25 years.At one time Barstow was known world wide as "The Hub of the High Desert" Now it should be called "The Slum of the High Desert.This town has been mis managed into the ground. The people who have had their ignorant, nasty little hands pulling the strings around here are perhaps best described as morons.The various mayors and city council people in the past 25 years should be ashamed at their "contributions" to this community. For some unexplained reason, Barstow became an enemy of business people and the middle class worker, preferring homeless bums and welfare trash. It is now a catch all sewer pond for section 8, gangs,the mentally deranged and a whole slew of handicapped,unproductive people. If you don't believe me, just drive into town.The nuts and trash parade up and down main street dragging garbage bags of aluminum cans, pushing shopping carts or rolling down the road in electric wheelchairs, usually talking to themselves or screaming at the top of their lungs all the while mad dogging you. This is known as the "Barstow Stare" You cannot go into a parking lot in this town without being targeted and harassed by some scum wanting something. Usually money, cigarettes or a ride. You cannot have anything nice in Barstow . You cannot look nice in Barstow either.New cars are either vandalized or stolen, expensive clothes are not to be worn unless you want to be a target and the few nicer homes are continually being broke into as well as the remaining businesses here. Barstow after dark is even more creepy. Lot lizards roam the streets looking for a screw.No more going to the car wash after dark unless you want to be propositioned buy one of these drugged out,toothless, clap infested whores. No one who has enough money, will expose their children to the public schools here. Especially if you happen to be white.You see, in the grand wisdom of this city they thought bringing in the ghetto crowd from down the hill would be good for Barstow.I am sure somebody is making money off this scam.Never go shopping in Barstow on the 1st and 15th of the month. You will be sorry. Businesses wanting to go in are either harassed by the city or flat out denied. Many just refuse to play their silly little games and go off to greener much more reasonable cities. Then we have the water situation. Much of Barstow is a toxic waste land. Ever noticed all the empty lots in town, usually fenced off with pipes sticking out of the ground? These are old service station sites that have contaminated the ground from leaking underground fuel tanks. Then we have the nitrate issues from too much human and animal waste in the Mojave River ground water.Then we have all the years of the railroad, military and various other industries polluting the ground water. And there is PG&E who has destroyed Hinkley and other surrounding areas with their pollution.And their plume of poison is still on the move...towards Barstow.Yep something is really wrong here.I swear, it looks like it was deliberate.

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Barstow, CA

dying city in distress - 2/10/2012

The city of Barstow what more can i say...well not much, everybody who live here know this city is dying.If everybody just stop talking negative about this city and do something then maybe we could see a change.No matter where we go, every city in America have the same problems not just Barstow,Ca.We do need another major department store besides Walmart(such as a super Target,Kmart,or J.C.Pennys).We do need more entertainment(Scandia or a family fun park),we do need more business here(Winco or Albertsons),but just sitting around talking about these problems will not make any changes.We need to be heard and we need to be heard fast.In other words if you want to make this city a better place then take a look at yourself and make that change let's all go to these city council meetings and express our opinion.

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Phoenix, AZ

Fascinating, unreal. I actually love it. - 3/12/2010

This place is an ideal setting for any movie. I think parts of Kill Bill were shot here. It's.. I can't even begin to describe it. All it has is a small Walmart, which put it's tiny mall out of business. Decrepit to the point of being overly quaint. "Barstow Betties" are the skuzzy women you might see wandering around, the soldiers and marines unlucky enough to be stationed nearby cram into the one tiny bar and pick up any Betty they see. They do have a cute little college, cute little versions of many things. Dilapidated, creepy, they will shut down a whole restaurant if they spill a little grease. It's the type of place someone can get killed and no one will even investigate.

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Barstow, CA

sad place - 12/7/2008

boring, hot, bums everywhere

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Barstow, CA

Barstow, the Meth capital of America!!! - 8/21/2008

I have lived in Barstow since 1992. In 17 years of living here I have seen this little town take on growth spurts and then all of a sudden the bottom drops out and business move on. Gangs, drugs and the homeless have taken over this town. The majority of the city council seats are filled with those who do not live in Barstow and as such their interests are not of Barstow, but rather of their own areas in nieghboring towns and cities where they live. If you are a business owner or entrapanure looking to expand, don't... look elseware because all you will get is legal red tape and political rhetoric. If it were not for the railroad, the marine corp base and the ARMY post, this little town would dry up in the hot desert sun and blow away in the wind like ****. All that would be left here would be the prostitutes, drug addicts, and the homeless. Sorry, I almost forgot about AM/PM and many other fuel service stations, Wal-Mart, HomeDepot, The Outlet Center mall, etc. Home Depot, a new arrival in this little town endured extreme difficulties attempting to gain local new employees to maintain and opperate their store. It took a while, but they were finaly able to gain the needed employee's, albiet most of the new employee's are from nieghboring cities. The main reason for this is drug use and the local undesierable drug populace of this little town. I must recant at this point. Not all of the populace of Barstow's residents are drug users and loosers. Many are very good, decent upstanding hard working citizens trying to survived in a depressed environment/town. There is little entertainment to be had here, the weather is very hot and arid with little to no annual rainfall. The best thing that I can say of Barstow is that late summer/early fall sunsets are beautiful, the air is clean and fresh through most of the season with a scant aroma of some illegal barbituate/drug that is either being illegaly manufactured or used. If you are a dope head or cook Methamphetamine, you could easily call Barstow your home!!! I for one do not concider Barstow to be my home... It is only the place where I became traped, unable to move on.

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Barstow, CA

Small town, coming up... - 8/10/2008

Barstow is a small town, with a population of just over 23,000. But it has grown tremendously over the course of only a few years. There is an outlet mall with many well known stores, including Old Navy, Banana Republic, Coach and Anne Taylor (to name a few). As far as recreation goes, there is one movie theater, as well as a drive in theater, a bowling alley, several well maintained parks and a Sports Arena with basketball courts, soccer and baseball fields, with park equipment for the children. However, the Sports Arena is open only in the evening. For nightlife, there are several small bars and clubs located in the town, with Los Angeles and Las Vegas located less than 2 1/2 hours (drive time) away. The town has become known as a "truck stop" by many, or a place to eat and relieve yourself before continuing on to Las Vegas, but it is growing rapidly. Check back in five years, we'll be as big as Victorville!

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Fort Irwin, CA

Nasty little town - 1/2/2008

My family and I moved here about 2 months ago due to Military obligations and I have just been horrified by the town. There is NOTHING recreational to do (there is a movie theater - dirty with rude employees)...yes there is a Wal-Mart, however, there are security guards circling the parking lot and wandering around inside. Not exactly the sort of thing that makes you want to hang around. There is no where else to shop. If you want anything, you have to drive another 30 or 40 miles down the interstate. There are a lot of homeless people on the streets, trash everywhere, everything just looks dirty and run-down. We just thank goodness everyday that we don't have to live in this area forever.

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Mastic Beach, NY

Youth Gangs & Drug use - 7/20/2007

Too many Transplanted illegal aliens from Mexico have made Barstow their place to hang! Drugs & gangs hace infiltrated this small Desert town & the surrounding areas. The education deptartments in Barstow are dealing with many drop out or very low score children with many socialwoes. The Social Service Department in Barstow is overwelmed by all the very low income families torn apart by crime or drugs. Single families are the norm. The soon to be ?Casino? has yet to appear. Housing costs have risen way above the majority of salaries. Help is needed for this once quiet, small town.

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Barstow, CA

Cheap houses in SoCal - 9/14/2006

Only place left in Calif. where you can buy a house under $ long as you can handle 115 degrees in the shade for half the year, but hey, we have Walmart!

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Barstow, CA

Buy cheap! - 9/13/2006

The only place in California where you can still buy a house for under $200k--as long as you can stand 120 degrees in the shade for half the year! Come on down! We have Walmart!

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