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At least it's not as bad as South Lake Tahoe - 12/11/2019
The positive of Barstow- yes there is something positive that can be said about Barstow.
At least it's not as bad as South Lake Tahoe. The only reason it gets 2 stars instead of one.
The negatives- everything else
Lots of drugs, tweakers, very run down, high crime and trashy people and criminals everywhere. Not quite as bad as South Lake Tahoe but still pretty bad. Read More
Mike | ,  | Reply | 1 Reply

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Ashtray - 2/19/2018
Just a place to travel thru. Cheap alternative to LA suburbs, about 70 miles or Palm Springs. It is in high Mojave desert, hot in the summer, 100-110, can get down into the 30's in the winter. Usually windy. Kinda like living in an ashtray. Fairly remote, but heavy highway traffic. Alot of semi truck traffic. Would not be my choice if a place to move Read More

Burned out of home, disabled family used by FBI, C - 11/20/2016
Be careful is all I can say.

I moved there with the focus to buy a home
the investor Cliff Unegbu AKA Clifford Unegbu will rip off as many people as he can and use the crooks in the courts and high desert law enforcement to get away with his criminal actions. amazing how money can tarnish a badge
and sword word of honor to protect and serve.

End result when you turn people in for not upholding their sworn duty
they will go behind your back and do all they can using people in various depts with positions of authority to undermine your ability to suceed or live
life.. all for their vain corrupt focus of an attempt to make themselves right.
regardless if they use a disabled autistic child as a distraction while running
a stake out on the others in a multi tenant housing that doing criminal acts.

years later and the game follows yet has grown and done in silence
Stalking, Profiling, Brown nosing, Trash Read More

Drugs and prostitution - 3/11/2016
I lost my husband to drugs (Meth) and a prostitute in Barstow Ca. My husband already had a severe drug problem with meth for many years. He was an Iron Worker and very intelligent. But going ther was like walking into the Devils playpen. He lost himself on the drugs, left his family, and is now with a prostitute with all the same addictions if not worse. He went ther to work but never came home. If you have any information on him please contact me at we are desperately trying to find him. He is in bad shape. Don't move to Barstow, it's a dead Read More

Police - 5/29/2015
Barstow police do not honor their own Charter. You are guilty. Period.
Not a place to move Read More

dying city in distress - 2/10/2012
The city of Barstow what more can i say...well not much, everybody who live here know this city is dying.If everybody just stop talking negative about this city and do something then maybe we could see a change.No matter where we go, every city in America have the same problems not just Barstow,Ca.We do need another major department store besides Walmart(such as a super Target,Kmart,or J.C.Pennys).We do need more entertainment(Scandia or a family fun park),we do need more business here(Winco or Albertsons),but just sitting around talking about these problems will not make any changes.We need to be heard and we need to be heard fast.In other words if you want to make this city a better place then take a look at yourself and make that change let's all go to these city council meetings and express our opinion.Read More

Fascinating, unreal. I actually love it. - 3/12/2010
This place is an ideal setting for any movie. I think parts of Kill Bill were shot here.

It's.. I can't even begin to describe it. All it has is a small Walmart, which put it's tiny mall out of business.

Decrepit to the point of being overly quaint. "Barstow Betties" are the skuzzy women you might see wandering around, the soldiers and marines unlucky enough to be stationed nearby cram into the one tiny bar and pick up any Betty they see.

They do have a cute little college, cute little versions of many things. Dilapidated, creepy, they will shut down a whole restaurant if they spill a little grease. It's the type of place someone can get killed and no one will even Read More

sad place - 12/7/2008
boring, hot, bums Read More

Barstow, the Meth capital of America!!! - 8/21/2008
I have lived in Barstow since 1992. In 17 years of living here I have seen this little town take on growth spurts and then all of a sudden the bottom drops out and business move on. Gangs, drugs and the homeless have taken over this town.

The majority of the city council seats are filled with those who do not live in Barstow and as such their interests are not of Barstow, but rather of their own areas in nieghboring towns and cities where they live. If you are a business owner or entrapanure looking to expand, don't... look elseware because all you will get is legal red tape and political rhetoric.

If it were not for the railroad, the marine corp base and the ARMY post, this little town would dry up in the hot desert sun and blow away in the wind like ****. All that would be left here would be the prostitutes, drug addicts, and the homeless. Sorry, I almost forgot about AM/PM and many other fuel service stations, Wal-Mart, HomeDepot, The Outlet Read More

Small town, coming up... - 8/10/2008
Barstow is a small town, with a population of just over 23,000. But it has grown tremendously over the course of only a few years. There is an outlet mall with many well known stores, including Old Navy, Banana Republic, Coach and Anne Taylor (to name a few). As far as recreation goes, there is one movie theater, as well as a drive in theater, a bowling alley, several well maintained parks and a Sports Arena with basketball courts, soccer and baseball fields, with park equipment for the children. However, the Sports Arena is open only in the evening. For nightlife, there are several small bars and clubs located in the town, with Los Angeles and Las Vegas located less than 2 1/2 hours (drive time) away.
The town has become known as a "truck stop" by many, or a place to eat and relieve yourself before continuing on to Las Vegas, but it is growing rapidly. Check back in five years, we'll be as big as Victorville!Read More

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